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Frosty Balls Tournament

JDF Masters FC is vying for the coveted quadruple repeat as the wanton Frosty Balls Champions of the upcoming 2018 Cup December, 2017 More details to come…

JDF-40 Rallies Over Gorge 3-2

JDF-40 Rallies Over Gorge 3-2 November 22, 2017 7:30 PM Hampton Turf 1st Half Gorge came out strong and put together a wonderful show of precision passing mixed with some fancy footwork and good give and goes to the net. Finishing was lacking on some crucial opportunities where taking two touches might have served the ball into rather than over the net. Gorge Goal #1: Shot from the top of the 18 on a shot that Ingo partially deflected, which forced the keeper Brendan wide and out of reach of the ball.   Gorge Goal #2: A hungry left winger rounded the corner and took a shot, leaving a rebound for an easy tap-in. The player was not offside—according to Brandon , who was working the flag—despite protestations from his own JDF backline.   Brandon subbed on and graced the field with a taped sprained right ankle and ran the Gorge defenders ragged, circling and working the ball through to the box with crosses and passes, faltering more than usual, but still mana

JDF-40 Re-Routs Zgoda 7-1

JDF-40 Re-Routs Zgoda 7-1 November 15, 2017 7:30 PM Royal Bay 1st Half The game started on 2 cylinders for JDF40s as they used the first 10 minutes of the game to stretch some sore muscles, say hello and catch up, and jog around a bit to warm up, while in the meantime Zgoda decided they'd seize on JDF’s low start and get the first goal. That got everyone’s attention, and within 10 minutes, Sean answered back with a rocket shot from outside of the 18 over a couple defenders and right over the stunned goalie’s hands for our first. Not 5 minutes later, Sean took another opportunity to score an easy second by keeping cool in the area amidst traffic and while he punched it in the goal.   From there things just went downhill quickly for Zgoda. Ingo had been watching from his perch in centre defence, and decided to increase his streak of goals (is it 6 now?), dribbling past their defence down the right side all the way to the end line, then he cut in and shot

JDF-40 Demoralizes Fernwood 5-4

JDF-40 Demoralizes Fernwood 5-4 November 8, 2017 7:30 PM JDF Field #2 Fernwood Goal #1: Penalty kick, up 1-0. JDF Goal #1: George   Assisted by: Rosco Blooper: Tied at 1-1, George shit the bed on the penalty shot—which he had earned—placing the ball wide right of the upright. JDF Goal #2: Scotty tapped it in so gingerly, making it 2-1. Assisted by: Brandon who passed it low and right past the keeper. Next, Brandon jumped for a header and skinned his ear to deflect a near post corner kick for the miss just wide of the far post. Fernwood Goal #2: occurred around this time. JDF Goal #3: Shane   Assisted by: Rafa from the corner kick. JDF Goal #4: Scotty on the rebound from Adam’s shot, making it 4-2. Assisted by: Adam   Brandon dribbled through the defender and bounced two ambitious players off his shoulders before getting sandwiched and taken down by the big bad Neanderthal-esque 70’s long hair sporting trash talkin’ Tony and his

JDF-40 Ties the Athletics 2-2

JDF-40 Ties the Athletics 2-2 November 1, 2017 7:30 PM JDF Field #2 It seems that JDF’s good-natured blogging banter does reap rewards, as evidenced by the Athletics having brought a full squad in this their reply to a previous 5-1 loss to JDF . Sporting a few subs and some gifted call-ups from their over 35 team, the Athletics put out a good effort; although, had it not been for a lazy clearance and turnover by JDF, followed by a spirited run by their right-back in the dying seconds, they might have lost again. Kudos to Jeff for the brilliant equalizer. 1st Half Athletics Goal #1: Came early in the match. JDF Goal #1: Name ???   Assisted by: Name ???   JDF Goal #2: Name ??? on the tap in. Assisted by: Brandon , who cut from the right and made a diagonal run past a few midfielders and defenders to the goal line and sent a low pass past the keeper for a tap in. Tensions were high on both sides, with lots of bickering about trivial matters. 2nd Ha

JDF-40 Demoralizes Saanich Internationals 5-1

JDF-40 Demoralizes Saanich Internationals 5-1 October 25, 2017 7:30 PM Royal Bay 1st Half Saanich Internationals Goal #1: happened in the first minutes when Dave —coming back for his first game after a long layoff from a knee injury—was caught off guard on a cross that became a shot from 35 yards out on the sideline, sailing right over his head, just out of his rather paltry, almost gimpy, reach—as described by Rosco , who is well know for his Johnnie Walker wisdom and beer-induced bravery that makes him play hard in an “ against all odds. It's the chance I've got to take ” style (Phil Collins, circa 1984).   JDF Goal #1: Ingo the great and terrible. Assisted by: Adam deflection off of Dan’s shot, from a corner kick. JDF Goal #2: Sean marvellously beat one defender, sped through others and shot right through the keepers right hand. Assisted by: Ryan . After a sprint to the corner, Brandon beat the defender to the ball and passed it back into

JDF-40 Crushes Bays United 6-1

JDF-40 Crushes Bays United 6-1 October 21, 2017 4:30 PM Oak Bay High School 1st Half JDF Goal #1: Adam . Assisted by: Joel , whose attempt to pass became a shot on net that trickled through the keepers hands to be finished by Adam .   JDF Goal #2: Ryan , who dribbled from midfield straight through most of the team to score.   Assisted by: Rosco (why not?) 2nd Half JDF Goal #3: Rob , penalty shot. Assisted by: Brandon who earned a penalty after going down from a shirt pull and kick to the leg. JDF Goal #4: Brandon dribbled past the defender to the goal line and finished low and hard across the keeper to the right. Rosco was well positioned in support and waiting to pop the ball in the net should the pass or rebound arrive, neither of which were required.   Assisted by: Name ?. JDF Goal #5:   Joel who finished with an absolute textbook cracker of a shot (maybe his best in years) off the rebound from the keeper.   Assisted by: Brandon wh

JDF-40 Routs Zgoda 6-0

JDF-40 Routs Zgoda 6-0 October 11, 2017 7:30 PM Royal Bay 1st Half Zgoda passed well during the first 15 minutes, and showed some real talent in the buildup, but had no finishing power or speed up front, and eventually got tired and sloppy, which persisted for the remainder of the match. JDF Goal #1: Dan , who patiently placed the ball low and hard inside the left post.   Assisted by: Ryan Rosco gifted Zgoda’s striker with an errant back pass, but luckily he was as unprepared as Rosco was red-faced, so he missed the point blank shot.   2nd Half JDF stepped up their passing and pressing play, which was mostly in the other half of the field where Zgoda cowered under wave after wave of attack. JDF Goal #2: Sean Assisted by: Adam From Brandon’s right cross, starting from Jorge’s play out to the wing JDF Goal #3: Ingo’s header Assisted by: Angus’ corner kick JDF Goal #4: Adam placed it far left corner Assisted by: Jason   Rosco

JDF-40 Pummels Prospect Lake 2-1

JDF-40 Pummels Prospect Lake 2-1 October 10, 2017 7:30 PM JDF Field #2 Although JDF didn’t play pretty, by the light of a nearly full moon—the waxing gibbous—they waned not so much to loose while they laboured hard enough to win. 1st Half Rafael hit the cross bar with a surprise shot off the outside of his right foot, which was tipped over by the Prospect keeper, Darcy.   Brandon , who subbed on at 20 minutes, got warned almost immediately by the ref for dropping a shoulder to protect himself from a clumsy player who stepped into his path; this   after he brushed off the first player to take the ball and press fast down the wing.   JDF Goal #1: Pete. Assisted by: Brandon . The play that started from Gord to Rob . The ref said that if not for the quick goal after playing advantage, he would have awarded a penalty for the foul on Brandon —who gave a pass and earned an assist before being sliced down in the box—but alas, Pete hit the back of the

JDF-40 Schools Fernwood 5-0

JDF-40 Schools Fernwood 5-0 September 30, 2017 7:30 PM UVIC Field #3 JDF Goal #1: Scott Taylor Assisted by: Paulo JDF Goal #2: Brandon , who scooped the ball from the defender and placed the ball low, far post. JDF Goal #3: Ingo Assisted by: Rosco “P Coltrane” of the indirect free kick. JDF Goal #4: Paulo , who dribbled on left side then magisterially placed the ball in the top right corner of the net. Assisted by: Jason. JDF Goal #5: Paulo , Direct free kick, left of centre of top of box, after asking Ref for no wall. After the goal, the keeper could be heard mumbling that he was in the middle of setting up his wall. LOL. A special thanks to Rob Strickland who played striker, centre mid and right mid throughout the match. — Brandon “ The Leudker”  Leudke

JDF-40 Trounces the Athletics 5-1

JDF-40 Trounces the Athletics 5-1 September 20, 2017 7:30 PM Royal Bay Turf 1st Half The JDF boyz were looking sharp, with crisp passes and full control of the match for the first 20 minutes, losing a little steam in the middle of the match, then buffeting the Athletics in the last half. The sterling JDF starting lineup included newcomers Shane on the wing, Scotty up front, and Rob and Ryan in midfield; each improving with every match in fitness and chemistry with the old guard, such as Joel, who came back from the over 48s to rekindle his over 40 fire! Rich was solid gold in net for JDF, having saved a wicked shot that was screened by Joel who jumped to try to head off the attack.   Ryan, Good and Jason controlled the midfield well, disabling counter-attacks and setting up plays. JDF Goal #1: Adam scored from an assist by Brandon, after he burst past the defenders and passed back from the goal line.   JDF Goal #2 came from Scotty , assisted by Angu