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JDF-40 Trounces the Athletics 5-1

JDF-40 Trounces the Athletics 5-1 September 20, 2017 7:30 PM Royal Bay Turf 1st Half The JDF boyz were looking sharp, with crisp passes and full control of the match for the first 20 minutes, losing a little steam in the middle of the match, then buffeting the Athletics in the last half. The sterling JDF starting lineup included newcomers Shane on the wing, Scotty up front, and Rob and Ryan in midfield; each improving with every match in fitness and chemistry with the old guard, such as Joel, who came back from the over 48s to rekindle his over 40 fire! Rich was solid gold in net for JDF, having saved a wicked shot that was screened by Joel who jumped to try to head off the attack.   Ryan, Good and Jason controlled the midfield well, disabling counter-attacks and setting up plays. JDF Goal #1: Adam scored from an assist by Brandon, after he burst past the defenders and passed back from the goal line.   JDF Goal #2 came from Scotty , assisted by Angu