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JDF-40 Trounces the Athletics 5-1

JDF-40 Trounces the Athletics 5-1

September 20, 2017
7:30 PM
Royal Bay Turf

1st Half

The JDF boyz were looking sharp, with crisp passes and full control of the match for the first 20 minutes, losing a little steam in the middle of the match, then buffeting the Athletics in the last half. The sterling JDF starting lineup included newcomers Shane on the wing, Scotty up front, and Rob and Ryan in midfield; each improving with every match in fitness and chemistry with the old guard, such as Joel, who came back from the over 48s to rekindle his over 40 fire!

Rich was solid gold in net for JDF, having saved a wicked shot that was screened by Joel who jumped to try to head off the attack. 

Ryan, Good and Jason controlled the midfield well, disabling counter-attacks and setting up plays.

JDF Goal #1: Adam scored from an assist by Brandon, after he burst past the defenders and passed back from the goal line. 

JDF Goal #2 came from Scotty, assisted by Angus from Brandon’s second goal line pass, which came after some aggressive hustling and picking the ball out of Rafer's legs.

Pete (aka Potter-Head Pete, affectionately speaking), was passing well on the right wing and although perpetually running in slow-motion, was otherwise flawless in attack when he pushed forward to dribble into the top of the box, then pirouetted with the two defenders and dropped his body on the ball like an anchor—not quite a dive because that would require horizontal movement—in a manner that neither persuaded the ref to call a penalty nor prevented the Athletics from lambasting him with insults of the most defamatory order, concurrent with his fading whimper. Good idea, poor execution, but worth a try—bravo!

The Athletics scored their first and only goal just before half time, making it 2-1.

2nd Half

Throughout the match, JDF had lots of chances, including a left volley pass over the defender by Brandon to Adam, who mistimed his shot and sailed the ball over the bar. 

Other long shots from Sean, Ryan and midfield company were too powerful or too high to make it to the back of the net, but proved that JDF has the firepower to start scoring from outfield once the cannons are dialled in.

JDF Goal #3 was all Gord, who dribbled solo from centre to put the ball in the back of the net.

The biggest potential injury moment of the match was a midfield collision that occurred when Angus and Adam tangled in a spiralling tango over the ball. Angus lay flat for a bit, then snapped his broken arse back in place and soldiered on.

Angus, in an apparent attempt to outdo Adam—or perhaps due to some mental fog caused by the previous fall—fired a field goal whilst alone in front of an open net. 

JDF Goal #4 was danced in by Brandon, who dribbled towards the keeper and passed into the net low to the far side; assisted by Adam's flick after Scotty's close triangle pass.

For the last 15 minutes, the Athletics went down to 10 men due to injury.

JDF Goal #5 was a tap in by Ingo, assisted by Brandon who heard his siren call after blasting past the defender on the right and getting to the goal line, all having started from Gord's perfectly weighted wide pass.

In apparent disgust at the low effort being put forth by their team, Jeff and another player walked off early in a show of poor sportsmanship if not outright disdain for the outcome.

A minute later, the Bubba, the ref, called the match early.

It was a small fiasco, but a great trouncing—a complete routing—of the Athletics by one strong JDF ensemble.

— Brandon “The Leudker” Leudke


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