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JDF-40 Crushes Bays United 6-1

JDF-40 Crushes Bays United 6-1

October 21, 2017
4:30 PM
Oak Bay High School

1st Half

JDF Goal #1: Adam.
Assisted by: Joel, whose attempt to pass became a shot on net that trickled through the keepers hands to be finished by Adam. 

JDF Goal #2: Ryan, who dribbled from midfield straight through most of the team to score. 
Assisted by: Rosco (why not?)

2nd Half

JDF Goal #3: Rob, penalty shot.
Assisted by: Brandon who earned a penalty after going down from a shirt pull and kick to the leg.

JDF Goal #4: Brandon dribbled past the defender to the goal line and finished low and hard across the keeper to the right. Rosco was well positioned in support and waiting to pop the ball in the net should the pass or rebound arrive, neither of which were required. 
Assisted by: Name ?.

JDF Goal #5:  Joel who finished with an absolute textbook cracker of a shot (maybe his best in years) off the rebound from the keeper. 
Assisted by: Brandon who shot on net after Joel back-passed through the legs of the defender to Brandon on the overlap. 

JDF Goal #6:  Name ?.
Assisted by: Name ?.

— Brandon “The Leudker” Leudke