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JDF-40 Pummels Prospect Lake 2-1

JDF-40 Pummels Prospect Lake 2-1

October 10, 2017
7:30 PM
JDF Field #2

Although JDF didn’t play pretty, by the light of a nearly full moon—the waxing gibbous—they waned not so much to loose while they laboured hard enough to win.

1st Half

Rafael hit the cross bar with a surprise shot off the outside of his right foot, which was tipped over by the Prospect keeper, Darcy. 

Brandon, who subbed on at 20 minutes, got warned almost immediately by the ref for dropping a shoulder to protect himself from a clumsy player who stepped into his path; this  after he brushed off the first player to take the ball and press fast down the wing. 

JDF Goal #1: Pete.
Assisted by: Brandon.
The play that started from Gord to Rob. The ref said that if not for the quick goal after playing advantage, he would have awarded a penalty for the foul on Brandon—who gave a pass and earned an assist before being sliced down in the box—but alas, Pete hit the back of the net before the ref could make that call. 

At 35 minutes, Brandon raced the keeper to the ball, stopping right before contact, but the ref warned that in over 40’s it’s not nice to charge the keeper and proceeded to send Brandon off for 20 minutes with a red card.

2nd Half

Prospect Goal #1:  Roman went into “beast mode” on a run from half, and scored on a powerful shot. 

JDF Goal #2: Ryan.
Assisted by: Brandon.
With 5 mins remaining, Ryan scored from Brandon’s assist, after Brandon took a pass from Raphael in the corner and proceeded to dribble past four players then pass from the goal line past the keeper to Ryan who made a smart run from his perch on the penalty spot to the near post for the tap-in. The game was won right then and there.

During the game, Sean hit the cross bar three times; a couple of other players did the same. 
Darcy made over ten hard saves, including an impressive double save in the final minutes. 

— Brandon “The Leudker” Leudke