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JDF-40 Routs Zgoda 6-0

JDF-40 Routs Zgoda 6-0

October 11, 2017
7:30 PM
Royal Bay

1st Half

Zgoda passed well during the first 15 minutes, and showed some real talent in the buildup, but had no finishing power or speed up front, and eventually got tired and sloppy, which persisted for the remainder of the match.

JDF Goal #1: Dan, who patiently placed the ball low and hard inside the left post. 
Assisted by: Ryan

Rosco gifted Zgoda’s striker with an errant back pass, but luckily he was as unprepared as Rosco was red-faced, so he missed the point blank shot. 

2nd Half

JDF stepped up their passing and pressing play, which was mostly in the other half of the field where Zgoda cowered under wave after wave of attack.

JDF Goal #2: Sean
Assisted by: Adam
From Brandon’s right cross, starting from Jorge’s play out to the wing

JDF Goal #3: Ingo’s header
Assisted by: Angus’ corner kick

JDF Goal #4: Adam placed it far left corner
Assisted by: Jason 

Rosco redeemed himself with a crossbar shaking blaster that nearly dipped in from a third out. 

JDF Goal #5: Ingo made a solo run from centre thru four defenders to score off and over the keeper
Assisted by: Sean

Sean’s hard press drew a foul in the box then a penalty shot, which Rosco sent sailing as if aiming for a beautiful field goal, and thus squandering any previously earned brownie points for sake of bumbling bravado.

JDF Goal #6: Scotty placed it in right side 
Assisted by: Angus’ cross in the wing

Pete was solid in net, sacrificing his family jewels to save a shot in the eleventh hour. 

MVPs: Angus and Ingo for reasons that were clear to anyone playing or watching, including the regular two sexagenarian/septuagenarian spectators.

— Brandon “The Leudker” Leudke