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JDF-40 Re-Routs Zgoda 7-1

JDF-40 Re-Routs Zgoda 7-1 November 15, 2017 7:30 PM Royal Bay 1st Half The game started on 2 cylinders for JDF40s as they used the first 10 minutes of the game to stretch some sore muscles, say hello and catch up, and jog around a bit to warm up, while in the meantime Zgoda decided they'd seize on JDF’s low start and get the first goal. That got everyone’s attention, and within 10 minutes, Sean answered back with a rocket shot from outside of the 18 over a couple defenders and right over the stunned goalie’s hands for our first. Not 5 minutes later, Sean took another opportunity to score an easy second by keeping cool in the area amidst traffic and while he punched it in the goal.   From there things just went downhill quickly for Zgoda. Ingo had been watching from his perch in centre defence, and decided to increase his streak of goals (is it 6 now?), dribbling past their defence down the right side all the way to the end line, then he cut in and shot

JDF-40 Demoralizes Fernwood 5-4

JDF-40 Demoralizes Fernwood 5-4 November 8, 2017 7:30 PM JDF Field #2 Fernwood Goal #1: Penalty kick, up 1-0. JDF Goal #1: George   Assisted by: Rosco Blooper: Tied at 1-1, George shit the bed on the penalty shot—which he had earned—placing the ball wide right of the upright. JDF Goal #2: Scotty tapped it in so gingerly, making it 2-1. Assisted by: Brandon who passed it low and right past the keeper. Next, Brandon jumped for a header and skinned his ear to deflect a near post corner kick for the miss just wide of the far post. Fernwood Goal #2: occurred around this time. JDF Goal #3: Shane   Assisted by: Rafa from the corner kick. JDF Goal #4: Scotty on the rebound from Adam’s shot, making it 4-2. Assisted by: Adam   Brandon dribbled through the defender and bounced two ambitious players off his shoulders before getting sandwiched and taken down by the big bad Neanderthal-esque 70’s long hair sporting trash talkin’ Tony and his

JDF-40 Ties the Athletics 2-2

JDF-40 Ties the Athletics 2-2 November 1, 2017 7:30 PM JDF Field #2 It seems that JDF’s good-natured blogging banter does reap rewards, as evidenced by the Athletics having brought a full squad in this their reply to a previous 5-1 loss to JDF . Sporting a few subs and some gifted call-ups from their over 35 team, the Athletics put out a good effort; although, had it not been for a lazy clearance and turnover by JDF, followed by a spirited run by their right-back in the dying seconds, they might have lost again. Kudos to Jeff for the brilliant equalizer. 1st Half Athletics Goal #1: Came early in the match. JDF Goal #1: Name ???   Assisted by: Name ???   JDF Goal #2: Name ??? on the tap in. Assisted by: Brandon , who cut from the right and made a diagonal run past a few midfielders and defenders to the goal line and sent a low pass past the keeper for a tap in. Tensions were high on both sides, with lots of bickering about trivial matters. 2nd Ha