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JDF-40 Demoralizes Fernwood 5-4

JDF-40 Demoralizes Fernwood 5-4

November 8, 2017
7:30 PM
JDF Field #2

Fernwood Goal #1: Penalty kick, up 1-0.

JDF Goal #1: George 
Assisted by: Rosco

Blooper: Tied at 1-1, George shit the bed on the penalty shot—which he had earned—placing the ball wide right of the upright.

JDF Goal #2: Scotty tapped it in so gingerly, making it 2-1.
Assisted by: Brandon who passed it low and right past the keeper.

Next, Brandon jumped for a header and skinned his ear to deflect a near post corner kick for the miss just wide of the far post.

Fernwood Goal #2: occurred around this time.

JDF Goal #3: Shane 
Assisted by: Rafa from the corner kick.

JDF Goal #4: Scotty on the rebound from Adam’s shot, making it 4-2.
Assisted by: Adam 

Brandon dribbled through the defender and bounced two ambitious players off his shoulders before getting sandwiched and taken down by the big bad Neanderthal-esque 70’s long hair sporting trash talkin’ Tony and his crony in what the ref saw as a clean tackle. Brandon had a card bestowed upon him by the ref (a usual affair) and was sent off for 10 minutes because of wild banter—Tony’s part of which was equally foul and worthy of a yellow, but was not within the ref’s earshot and thus allowed him to escape criticism for the same sort of behaviour. 

Moral of the match #1: It doesn’t pay to mock bad behaviour in earshot of the referee. Lesson learned.

Fernwood Goals #3 & #4: Tied it up 4-4.

JDF Goal #5: Ingo scored a penalty kick, from a foul on Scotty, making it 5-4 for the win.

Moral of the match #2: Don’t loose the ball, lest JDF counter-attacks and scores. 

MVP: Scotty for being so present in so many important plays.

— Brandon “The Leudker” Leudke