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JDF-40 Re-Routs Zgoda 7-1

JDF-40 Re-Routs Zgoda 7-1
November 15, 2017
7:30 PM
Royal Bay

1st Half

The game started on 2 cylinders for JDF40s as they used the first 10 minutes of the game to stretch some sore muscles, say hello and catch up, and jog around a bit to warm up, while in the meantime Zgoda decided they'd seize on JDF’s low start and get the first goal.

That got everyone’s attention, and within 10 minutes, Sean answered back with a rocket shot from outside of the 18 over a couple defenders and right over the stunned goalie’s hands for our first.

Not 5 minutes later, Sean took another opportunity to score an easy second by keeping cool in the area amidst traffic and while he punched it in the goal.  From there things just went downhill quickly for Zgoda.

Ingo had been watching from his perch in centre defence, and decided to increase his streak of goals (is it 6 now?), dribbling past their defence down the right side all the way to the end line, then he cut in and shot hard at the slot between the goalie and post for a goal.

Not long after, Ryan saw his opportunity while holding the ball just above the eighteen. With lots of traffic and movement in the area, he waited patiently for a clearing and placed the ball with an easy touch on the ground and just inside the right post for JDF’s 4th. The goalie didn’t even move.

To cap off the first half, Aaron glided to the ball after an attempted attack spurted the ball back out of the goal area to the eighteen, and he calmly shot into the upper left of the net while the goalie watched helplessly from the right side.

During the second half, Zgoda composed themselves a bit and put together several nice passes, but nothing could get through the JDF defensive wall of Ingo, Kevin, Ross, Dave, and Raf.

2nd Half

The second half produced only two more goals: a firm left-footed shot into the side net by Kevin as he received a nice slotted pass into the area, and another pretty shot from the middle outside of the 18 by Ryan, who chose the upper left corner for placing his second goal. 

A 7-1 finish, and a good run by everyone.

— Joel “Skull Cap” Durkovic Brandon “The Leudker” Leudke