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JDF-40 Ties the Athletics 2-2

JDF-40 Ties the Athletics 2-2

November 1, 2017
7:30 PM
JDF Field #2

It seems that JDF’s good-natured blogging banter does reap rewards, as evidenced by the Athletics having brought a full squad in this their reply to a previous 5-1 loss to JDF. Sporting a few subs and some gifted call-ups from their over 35 team, the Athletics put out a good effort; although, had it not been for a lazy clearance and turnover by JDF, followed by a spirited run by their right-back in the dying seconds, they might have lost again. Kudos to Jeff for the brilliant equalizer.

1st Half

Athletics Goal #1: Came early in the match.

JDF Goal #1: Name ??? 
Assisted by: Name ??? 

JDF Goal #2: Name ??? on the tap in.
Assisted by: Brandon, who cut from the right and made a diagonal run past a few midfielders and defenders to the goal line and sent a low pass past the keeper for a tap in.

Tensions were high on both sides, with lots of bickering about trivial matters.

2nd Half

Athletics Goal #2: Jeff finished the match in the dying seconds with a laser shot to the top right corner. 

— Brandon “The Leudker” Leudke