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JDF-40 Rallies Over Gorge 3-2

JDF-40 Rallies Over Gorge 3-2

November 22, 2017
7:30 PM
Hampton Turf

1st Half

Gorge came out strong and put together a wonderful show of precision passing mixed with some fancy footwork and good give and goes to the net. Finishing was lacking on some crucial opportunities where taking two touches might have served the ball into rather than over the net.

Gorge Goal #1: Shot from the top of the 18 on a shot that Ingo partially deflected, which forced the keeper Brendan wide and out of reach of the ball. 

Gorge Goal #2: A hungry left winger rounded the corner and took a shot, leaving a rebound for an easy tap-in. The player was not offside—according to Brandon, who was working the flag—despite protestations from his own JDF backline. 

Brandon subbed on and graced the field with a taped sprained right ankle and ran the Gorge defenders ragged, circling and working the ball through to the box with crosses and passes, faltering more than usual, but still managing to get the job done. 

Gorge had a chance to go up 3-0 on a PK, after Rafa got tangled in a player, but sailed it high over the bar, much to the delight of the every-ready keeper. 

Rosco, on a rare solo run to the keeper, decided to delight a wanton George with a bullet pass when a selfish attempt at goal would have sufficed. 

2nd Half:

JDF Goal #1: Ryan with a cocksure point and shoot to that spot PK.
Earned by a foul on Ryan. 

JDF Goal #2: PK Ryan with another PK.
Earned by a foul on Ryan.

JDF Goal #3: Rob mixing it up with his own delicious PK. 
Earned by foul on Rosco, who was mauled by three burley Gorge players who were acting all handsome-like and being really handsy, but with no offer of dinner beforehand or a cigarette after. 

MVP: Ryan, “The PK Assassin”, because nobody does it better.

Moral of the match: JDF shit the bed in passing and almost every other way—save and except for putting together a string of PKs—yet still won the day. Goes to show what that team is made of.

— Brandon “The Leudker” Leudke


  1. Good stuff Leudker :-)


    1. Love the Carly Simon, nice touch

    2. The lyrics of that song apply as much to you as anyone, and that's including “The PK Assassin”!


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