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JDF-48 Toys with Vic West, 13-3

JDF-48 Toys with Vic West, 13-3 December 5, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf Nice to be back on home turf after three Sundays away, and we were especially hungry for a win after two ties in a row in well-fought matches. To be fair, Vic West lost a core couple of players this year, and this showed especially in their defensive line and goalie play for this game where just about every shot we took went in. The scoring opened early and often, and by half we were up by 7-1. Cory notes that his two very nice goals in the half, each calmly placed where he actually intended, were scored "while it was still a game", thus adding credibility to the Dwight/Cory competition for 5th highest scorer on the team. Sorry guys, but so many people scored in this game that now practically our whole team (including three quarters of the defense) is in contention for that honour. To that point, at half time, rather than the usual directive to "slow the game down and work on our passing&q

JDF-40 Robbed by Steelheads-40, 2-4

JDF-40 Robbed by Steelheads-40, 2-4 December 5, 2018, 7:30pm, JDF#2 Grass Let's just say it wasn't our best. Cowichan did a team warm-up before the game -- they were out for redemption from being trounced 4-1 at their field earlier this season. Cowichan went up 1-0 fairly early on a miscue from our defender and our goalie. We tied it up 1-1 on a 40 yard floater cross into the box from George Godoy. Adam added a goal, however we were tied at the end of the first half. There was a lot of sourness in the second half to say the least. For the first time this year, we had challenges liking the ref who decided to allow a Cowichan player to run around head-hunting. We didn't take kindly to that. A 10 minute misconduct to Carlo and George didn't help the cause. Cowichan scored 2 in the second half. 2-4 final score.

JDF-48 Falls Even with Cordova Bay, 2-2

JDF-48 Falls Even with Cordova Bay, 2-2 December 2, 2018, 2:00pm, Lochside Grass On a chilly but sunny Sunday afternoon on the dewy Lochside grass, JDF-48 fought a tough match against a solid Cordova Bay team. The first half they were a menace to us mostly through Kim, who stepped in to give them 11 players, as he played in a forward position and distributed the ball well for them to create a few dangerous plays. But we would eventually strike first, and Ric chipped a looping and arching shot from the left top of the 18 over the head and hands of their foreboding goalie and into the far side of the goal. 1-0. The score remained as such until the half, and despite recouping Kim for our net and a good chat at the break, their team must have all drunk Red Bull because they came out on a charge and nice string of passes to score within 5 minutes of the start of the second half. 1-1. The game was well fought, and while we struggled to be patient and creative in our offensive attack

JDF-55 Blanks Isle Blue United-55, 6-0

JDF-55 Blanks Isle Blue United-55, 6-0 November 21, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf A game that Paulo reported as boring because, "we were told not to score in the second half!" This directive came from Tommy after going up 4-0 easily in the first half with goals by Cory, Eddie, Stu w, and Paulo. Nevertheless, apparently the boredom eventually got to them, because Tom went on to score in the second half, so Paulo also decided to also pocket a second! 6-0 finish. Nice work, boys!

JDF-48 Settles on Draw with Duncan-48, 2-2

JDF-48 Settles on Draw with Duncan-48, 2-2 November 25, 2018, 10:00am, Frances Kelsey After losing to JDF-48 earlier in the fall on our home turf, Duncan came out determined to make it even. This is a solid and talented team that has only lost one game (to us!) in their season, so they seemed confident with their lineup as the kickoff whistle blew. But, in the first 5 minutes of the game, we surprised and deflated them when Ralph gave a nice looping cross into the area that confused the goalie as it took its first bounce just inside the 18. The goalie came out to cut it off, but Paulo, who was charging to the ball, caught it on the upward bounce with his head and lobbed it neatly over the goalie's outstretched arms and into the net. 1-0 very early. Not two minutes later, Duncan was building an attack, when one of their midfielders swung in a wide shot that looked more like a cross, but it curled in enough to hit the post and in. 1-1. Then the scrapping began, back and f

JDF-40 Takes Revenge on Prospect Lake, 7-2

November 28, 2018 7:15 PM Royal Bay A relatively easy win against a Prospect Lake team that handed JDF their arses 6-1 Dave Cung in net for the first half, Rafael Cabrera in net for the second half. Poontra Isarasakdi : 2 goals, ___? assists. Brandon Leudke : 1 goal, 2 assists. Gord Johnson : 2 goals, at least 2 assists. Other goals by ___?. Strikers Adam Laughey and Scott Tayler, although goalless on the night, hustled hard and terrorized Prospect’s defence.   Shane Stewart was masterful on the left wing, passing better than ever, and showing good sense when, from an offside position, he chose to leave the ball for Scott to pounce on. Wally M was typical W.A.L.L.Y: Wild-eyed, Artful, Lily-white, Loquacious, Yabber-mouth — Brandon “ The Leudker”  Leudke

JDF-40 Rallies Yet Falls to Athletics, 4-3

November 21, 2018 8:15 PM Layritz Turf 1st Half JDF wend down 3-1 first half, despite some good passing for the first 10 minutes. Brandon —almost immediately upon his return appearance for JDF—was “professionally fouled” on a quick breakaway run to the net, whereafter the offending player was sent off for a little time out session by referee Sean . Seconds later, Dan flubbed his normally accurate free kick attempt on goal. Adam made the 1st goal something fierce, striking on the run off a pass by Carlo , placing the ball in the net.   2nd Half At halftime, Dave Cung made some controversial changes to the lineup, putting three strikers up front, including Brandon Leudke in a free roaming position, with Carlo Legg in the centre mid, making for a more lethal second half that saw JDF gain 2 goals to the Athletics 1 goal, and also making Cunger right…again! Poontra Isarasakdi was a small but mighty force of nature on the left wing, buffeting the Athletics’ right-b

JDF-40 Fights Back to Victory against Zgoda-40, 4-2

JDF-40 Fights Back to Victory against Zgoda-40, 4-2 November 14, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf It was a beautiful clear night at Royal Bay. Zgoda showed up to challenge the mighty JDF 40s with a squad that were more talented than normal, looking for their first win against the JDF dynasty in 37 years. With call ups like Wally, Ping, and Ken, it was not to be on this day despite their efforts. The game started with JDF ball movement and pressure. It took 25 minutes to pot the first goal. Poontra beat the wide defender and passed the ball off to Strickland at the top of the box for what was a soft-placed shot to the goalie's left corner while being screened by Carlo Legg. Controversy ensued after the goal with protests by Zgoda that Carlo was offside, however the ref was having none of it. It remained that way until the half thanks to Dave Cung, our goalie, for stopping breakaways and some very good saves by Zgoda’s goalie. The second half brought a goalie change for JDF. Cung

JDF-55 Drops to Gordon Head-55, 1-2

JDF-55 Drops to Gordon Head-55, 1-2 November 14, 2018, 7:30pm, JDF #2 Grass Our over-eager JDF-55 team brought out almost 20 guys to play against a Gordon Head team that was short of players. I hear that we lent them several players and then went on to lose for the first time this season! Despite the loss, Mirek kept his scoring streak alive to create the lone JDF goal, meaning he now has goals in 7 of the 8 games of the season, with 3 hat tricks and two games with 4 goals! Better luck next time, boys.

JDF-48 Crushes Centaurs-48, 8-1

JDF-48 Crushes Centaurs-48, 8-1 November 18, 2018, 4:00pm, Finlayson Turf Only for the first ten minutes did we look disorganized in this game. Under the late afternoon setting sun, it took a few minutes for our team to warm up and gain our bearings on the extra wide field that is Finlayson Turf. But once we settled in, the passing began to become more fluid and the goals began to drop. We scored three quick ones with Ric putting away two nicely placed shots and Dwight coming up strong for a header off a corner kick that bounced off the turf and then lobbed in over the defender and off the post for his second goal of the season. Dwight gets honourable mention for being the 5th leading scorer, a stat that he is keeping close tabs on. In the first half, Joel also finally scored a header goal with a nice cross by Dave O. 4-0 at the half. Second half went quite a while with no goals, but our fitness wore them down, and Paulo began his dancing around the defense and put in two ni

JDF-55 Varnishes Vantreights-55, 7-1

JDF-55 Varnishes Vantreights-55, 7-1 November 11, 2018, 12:00pm, Victor Brodeur Grass Our 55s are dazzling the field this year, going undefeated to this point. That said, 55s have not produced a shutout yet even though averaging more than 6 goals per game! Today, just to make things a little exciting, we let Vantreights score first. But we equalized about 15 minutes later when Hugh received a pass across the goalie area and calmly shot from the left side of the 18 to curl it into the side net. 1-1 at half. Then we received a Tommy pep talk and decided to come out in the second half with guns a-blazing. Our whole team picked up their game and we worked the ball around with crisp passes and great movement to open spaces. Paulo pocketed a hat trick in the span of about 10 minutes by dribbling nimbly around the defense and slotting shots into the gaps. Then, predictably, Mirek flared by the defender and scored to keep his streak alive. Their team counted too heavily on the thr

JDF-48 Succumbs to GH Gunners-48, 0-1

JDF-48 Succumbs to GH Gunners-48, 0-1 November 7, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf Both teams brought a solid line up of guys with plenty of extra subs, ready to compete, on this chilly Wednesday evening. I could write three pages of description of all the near misses we had in the first half, but I'll just mention that Joel hit the crossbar and shot wide from point blank range, and both Ric and Paulo flubbed one-on-ones against the goalie. The Gordon Head team brought out a fast team that tried to pressure, and in the first half had one shot from about 30 yards out by their lefty, Dmitri. It was a low shot that dipped and bounced just inside the right post, surprising George who thought it was going wide. Second half we came out ready to equalize, and we had attack after attack, but just could not get it to fall into the net. Joel hit the post a second time on a header, then dove for a low header ball in traffic just as a GH player kicked to clear the ball and smacked him in

JDF-40 Overpowers Ferncove-40, 4-3

JDF-40 Overpowers Ferncove-40, 4-3 November 7, 2018, 7:30pm, JDF #2 Grass In the 15th minute, JDF's Adam Laughey scored off the left side on a great cross run. In the 35th minute, a foul by JDF inside their own box led to a Fernwood penalty shot, which was converted. It only took 5 minutes for JDF to retake the lead when Kevin Smith unleashed a long range shot that fooled the goalkeeper to make it 2-1. In the 43rd minute, Poontra Isarasakdi hammered home a rebound to extend JDF's lead to 3-1. The 2nd half began much like the 1st half ended with JDF still having their foot on the gas pedal as Kevin Smith made a beautiful run down the left side in the 60th minute, and sent in a pin point pass across the goal mouth for an easy tap-in for Mike. However, 5 minutes later a JDF handball led to another converted Fernwood penalty shot goal. This seemed to spark Fernwood with some hope, as in the 75th minute they ripped down the left side and squeezed a shot through the legs of the

JDF-55 Coasts Over Class Act-55, 6-1

JDF-55 Coasts Over Class Act-55, 6-1 November 4, 2018, 10:00am No details to report, but apparently the play of the game was Howie's triple save as goalie, one with each hand and then his head. Mirek got a sizzling 4 goals, bringing his average to more than 2 goals per game. Hugh scored a goal, and Richard M scored as well. Great work, boys!

JDF-48 Grinds Down Cow Classics-48, 5-2

JDF-48 Grinds Down Cow Classics-48, 5-2 October 28, 2018, 12:00pm, Frances Kelsey Grass With a mix of sunshine and rain on a nice fall morning at Frances Kelsey, we took to the field against the Cow Classics. We had 15 players and a solid crew. As is becoming our unfortunate habit over the past couple of games, we started strong with a few close opportunities that we didn't convert, and then suddenly found ourselves down 1-0 after they cruised from midfield with two open midfielders that tipped back and forth to each other to score. We didn't wait long to respond this time, though. We tied the game when our offense pressured their defenders, and when one made a weak pass back to their goalie, Paulo jumped on the opportunity to toe poke the loose ball into the net. 1-1. Only minutes later, Rob pushed a nice ball to the corner to Joel who brought it back across and dished it to a wide open Mirek who finished it easily, taking us into the lead 2-1. Again, a few minutes

JDF-40 Dominates Steelheads-40, 4-1

JDF-40 Dominates Steelheads-40, 4-1 October 28, 2018, 10:00am, Frances Kelsey Grass JDF began strong again, as Ryan Laughey sent through Adam Laughey at the 10th minute mark, who broke away, and sneaked one through the legs of the goalkeeper into the far side of the net. JDF 1 Cowichan 0 15 minutes later, a beautiful lead pass by Rob Strickland put through Poontra Isarasakdi who faked the defender out completely, and tucked it home. JDF 2 Cowichan 0 10 minutes later Poontra Isarasakdi struck again for his 2nd goal of the game off a lead pass by Ryan Laughey. However 5 minutes before halftime, Cowichan managed to get one back, taking advantage of an opportunistic bounce to fire one past the JDF keeper. This time around, JDF was NOT to be denied the victory, when Daniel Moreira scored a beautiful volley into the left side of the net. JDF 4 Cowichan 1 A complete team defensive effort and stellar goalkeeping by Travis Henry in the 2nd half sealed the victory for JDF ! HOT FEET..

JDF-40 Bites It Against Gorge-40, 3-7

JDF-40 Bites It Against Gorge-40, 3-7 October 24, 2018, 7:00pm, Hampton Turf The first 15 minutes began as a defensive affair for both teams, however JDF opened the scoring at the 20 minute mark when Daniel Moreira was left unmarked in the 18 yd box from a cross, and he fired it into the left side for his 2nd goal in as many games. JDF 1 Gorge 0 At the 35th minute mark, Ryan Laughey tipped through a perfect breakaway pass to his brother Adam Laughey who slipped it underneath the keeper on the right side. JDF 2 Gorge 0 However, 5 minutes later a Gorge shot from just outside the 18yd box re-directed off a JDF player off the post and into the net. JDF 2 Gorge 1 Two minutes later, great determination and work from George Godoy up front lead to a Gorge player having no choice but to foul him viciously in the 18yd box. Penalty awarded. Ryan Laughey, coming back from injury, easily converted the penalty shot. JDF 3 Gorge 1 (Halftime) However, it was deja-vu in the 2nd half, as the 2

JDF-55 Frustrates Lakehill-55, 5-1

JDF-55 Frustrates Lakehill-55, 5-1 October 24, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf When I arrived late to the game on Wednesday night by about 10 minutes, JDF-55 had already racked up two goals against the Lakehill opponents. These were early goals by Hugh D-Y and Ben P, both assisted by Mirek. Lakehill looked upset and frustrated, as they are a team that usually gives us a hard game. Midway into the first half, they kept poking the ball back into our goalie area, not letting it out of our half of the field, yet they watched as the ball pinballed around various players in the area, but never found the net. They must have worn themselves out in these 20 minutes of relentless attacks, because shortly thereafter, we counterattacked and scored three rather easy goals, 2 by Paulo and 1 by Joel. So at the end of the half, we were up 5-0. Second half we throttled down into overdrive, and didn't attack nearly as much. They managed to place a nice free kick from mid-field up into the a

JDF-55 Surfs Over Orcas-55, 9-3

JDF-55 Surfs Over Orcas-55, 9-3 October 17, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf No detail account was given, but apparently, Eddie Diesner came out of hiding to score 4 goals, and Mirek had to keep up with him, so he put away four as well! Dan Haley captured the final goal for another strong win by the 55s!

JDF-40 Face-Plants Against Prospect Lake-40, 1-6

JDF-40 Face-Plants Against Prospect Lake-40 October 17, 2018, 8:15pm, Layritz Turf The first half began in the 10th minute with a left footed cracker from 20 yards out by Prospect Lake that looked like it was going over the goal, but surprised the JDF goalkeeper Travis Henry by hitting the roof of the net. 1-0 Prospect Lake. However, Daniel Moreira came to the rescue for JDF 5 minutes later off a scramble in the Prospect Lake 6-yard box to poke home the equalizer. Game tied 1-1. 5 minutes later, Prospect Lake responded with another goal, giving them the 2-1 lead. The remaining 25 minutes was the story of constantly missed breakaways and shots by JDF. Halftime 2-1, Prospect Lake. The 2nd half was a bit different, VERY different! Constant turnovers from JDF, as well as bad luck as Jorge Pichardo fired a cannon off the crossbar, as well as another JDF player fired one off the post. This all proved to be very costly, as Prospect Lake made JDF pay dearly with 4 unanswered goals

JDF-48 Claws Back to Upset Castaways-48, 3-2

JDF-48 Claws Back to Upset Castaways-48, 3-2 October 21, 2018, 12:00pm, Carnarvon Park JDF-48 was glad for the help from our 40s players, Travis and Carlo, and Hugh from 55s last Sunday at sunny Carnarvon Park. The grass field was nicely kept, though it was a short and narrow field that had deceptive bumps that made the ball difficult to dribble and control. We brought out a capable squad and played a strong first half with several scoring opportunities that we just couldn't convert. Castaways did well enough to hold us off, but they only had a few credible attacks in the first half, one of which should have been an easy goal when their forward found himself with a rebounded ball and an open net, but he shot wide. Early in the second half, Castaways had a series of nice pass combinations and worked the ball to their strong mid-fielder who took a nice left-foot shot from just inside the 18 and put it in the right lower corner. 0-1. Only about 10 minutes later, we found ou

JDF-55 Picks Apart Pen Masters 55, 5-1

JDF-55 Picks Apart Pen Masters 55, 5-1 October 10, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf Hugh Dinsdale-Young scored early on a corner. We gave up a sad goal 3 minutes from half against the run of play. 1-1 at the half. Rob was in as goalie and reports that in the 2nd half, "except for being run down by their forward who carried on with the ball despite being called offside and then ran me over when I came out to clear the ball, the only thing I did was watch the bats flying above the pitch." In the second half, Cory scored on a PK. Additional goals by Merik, Dan H, and a header by Graham.

JDF-40 Pummels Sooke-40, 6-2

JDF-40 Pummels Sooke-40, 6-2 October 10, 2018, 7:40pm, Sooke Field An evening in Sooke on their beautiful new field under the lights...Jorge Pichardo scored off Ryan's pass in the box. Adam got one with an assist by Daniel, Zeb scored on a shot that hit both posts before going in, Aaron got a shot in on a break away assisted again by Daniel, and Ryan got a nice one. Zeb might have scored 2, and yes, Dave missed one :) Rafa threw himself a Neymar at the beginning of second half that paused the game for 5 minutes. And Rafa claims that he would have stolen the ball easier on that play if we could just slide in this league. Great game boys!

JDF-48 Sinks Salt Spring-48, 5-1

JDF-48 Sinks Salt Spring-48, 5-1 October 14, 2018, 10:30am, Portlock Park We arrived with a vanload of surly players to Portlock Park on Salt Spring Island last Sunday morning. Despite the help of Kim, Tom, and Graham from 55s, we had only twelve players against their 17 or 18. Nevertheless, we entered into the game with high spirits that were only lifted by the unseasonably gorgeous day of sunshine and a dry grass field, cow pasture though it was. We essentially controlled the whole game easily. Joel scored his first with a hard shot from just inside the 18 that bobbled off the goalie's arms and in. A few minutes later he scored a second off a nice cross from Paulo. The main excitement of the game was offered by the over-eager referee, who sent off Dave O for 10 minutes after he knocked down a player on an attempted shot. Upon complaining (only mildly!), Dave got a yellow to boot. Minutes later, the ref, with adrenaline still pumping, called a penalty against us -- d

JDF-40 Finishes Bays-40, 3-1

JDF-40 Finishes Bays-40, 3-1 October 3, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf A good game where we controlled the play for most of the first half. Adam scored about 20 min into the game with short side-shot that beat the keeper to make it 1-0. Zeb got the second about 10 minutes later with a nice cracker coming from the left wing. No chance for their goalie. And about 10 mins later, still in the fist half, Kevin took the ball from Gord down the left wing and crossed it into Zeb who flicked it on to Mike who had an easy head into the net. Second half started slow with not much happening. About 30 minutes in, Rob, our keeper, was lonely or bored at this point and decided to pull a guy down so they could get a PK. LOL. They scored to make it 3-1 to end the game.

JDF-48 Puts Away Gorge-48, 3-1

JDF-48 Puts Away Gorge-48, 3-1 October 3, 2018, 7:00pm, Hampton Grass With the memory of last year's 2nd half loss to Gorge in a game we had controlled, combined with the keen recollection of Cory getting hacked at the knees in the same game, JDF-48 players converged on the Hampton pitch Wednesday night with a -- shall we say -- certain focused intensity. Charging out of the gates, we played the first 45 minutes of the game with superb discipline and creativity. We pressured consistently while on defense, and we passed the ball well, working to the outsides and back into the middle. Within 15 minutes, we produced our first goal after a pretty combination of passing between Paulo and Ric up front, finishing with a nicely slotted shot into the lower right of the net by Ric. Many of us had opportunities to score, and we thought we might see another goal by Dwight when he wound up his shooter leg and let loose on a ball that soared over the uprights. A goal was called offside

JDF-48 Prevails Against Duncan-48, 4-2

JDF-48 Prevails Against Duncan-48, 4-2 September 26, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf Referee: Bubba Goalscorers: Rick 3 goals. Dwight 1 goal. Rob 3 assists Yellow Cards: Duncan 1 It was a beautiful night for footy with very mild conditions for a late September evening. Duncan travelled well and had a healthy number of available subs to bolster their eleven on the field. The first third of the first half saw us dominate possession and it was only a matter of time before we were able to put up our first goal. Ric who is on absolute fire put a shot through after he was fed the ball from Rob. Our attacks from the side worked well. Spreading it either to the outside left or the right worked well instead of trying to push it up the middle. We moved the ball well and also had pressure on their defence. The pressure saw us garner a second goal and Ric scored after an error by their keeper (eerily reminiscent of the mistake made by the GH keeper a week ago). At this point w

JDF-40 Defeats Vic West-40, 5-2

JDF-40 Defeats Vic West-40, 5-2 September 26, 2018, 7:30pm, JDF#2 Grass We got the opener to put us up 1-0. Ryan from 35 yards out had a nice hit and got the keeper sleeping. They came back to make it 1-1 from a miss-play in the middle of the park. We then went up 2-1 when George converted on a corner kick from Rafael to end the first half. In the start of the second half they came out hot and tied the game off a corner kick that dropped in the six yard box and was put passed our keeper to make it 2-2. Scott got the go ahead goal with third or fourth rebound off Bart’s killer shot to make it 3-2. Then we went up 4-2. Kevin shot a low screamer from the 18 that Ricardo tipped into the net from the 6 yard box . The last seconds of the game we went up 5-2 when Kevin took a cross/shot that the keeper mishandled, and it ended up in the net. Great play, boys!

JDF-55 Blasts Past Gordon Head-55, 6-3

JDF-55 Blasts Past Gordon Head-55, 6-3 September 30, 2018, 12:00pm, Lambrick Meadow JDF 55 players assembled in the drizzle at the edge of the meadow that is Lambrick and prepared to take on Gordon Head. Mirek and Dan spearheaded the attack but after watching several missed opportunities Graham strode forward from midfield firing in a shot from the edge of the box. 1-0 JDF. Rob was not looking too confident in net, and this was highlighted when having taken a pass from Cory in defence his brain froze and decided to cycle and reset when having 6 outlet options in front of him. Instead he kicked it straight to the GH forward who calmly walked around him and slotted it into the open goal. 1-1. It was to get worse before the half. With the ball cleared out to the edge of the box, GH unleashed an unstoppable shot that went in off the bottom of the crossbar. 1-2 GH at the half. Play resumed with GH trying their luck with shots from multiple angles and ranges having realised that JDF

JDF-48 Solid Against GH Gunners-48, 4-2

JDF-48 Solid Against GH Gunners-48, 4-2 September 21, 2018, 6:00PM, Tyndall Turf GH Gunners: 2, JDF-40: 4. Goals: 2 from Ric, 1 from Paulo, and 1 from Tom. Ric's first goal was a beautiful free kick into the lower left hand corner from about 22 yards out. Untouched and unstoppable. GH 0 JDF 1. Paulo then pounced on an error from their keeper and with ice-like coolness made the Gunners pay for their defensive error. GH 0 JDF 2. Just before half the Gunners got one back when our back four got defensive assignments wrong. GH 1 JDF 2. Ric's second goal was simply sublime. Sent in by Stuart and encouraged by Graham he let a shot fly from about 20 yards swooping in from the right side. The sound alone of the strike was enough to know that it was in the back of the onion bag. Again untouched and unstoppable. GH 1 JDF 3. On a free kick conceded by JDF, GH looped a pass in from the right side over the wall and their number 15 got his head onto it and it went across the

JDF-55 Cruises Over Bays-55, 5-2

JDF-55 Cruises Over Bays-55, 5-2 September 19, 2018, 7:30pm, JDF#2 A clean victory over Bays 55 with goals evenly distributed across the team.  Goals by Paulo M, Mirek D, Jim M, Cory M, and Ralph M.  If anyone has a description of the game, please connect with Joel so he can post more detail!

JDF-40 Succumbs to Athletics-40, 2-3

JDF-40 Succumbs to Athletics-40, 2-3 September 19, 2018, 7:30PM, Royal Bay Turf A cleanly fought match between the JDF 40s and Athletics, who brought out their “A" team to compete against what they knew would be a tough JDF side. Play was surprisingly even for the first third of the half, with good strings of passes by both sides, and the Athletics created some dangerous situations that failed only on the shot or the last pass. About two thirds into the half, JDF worked up the field, and Ryan L, with possession in the centre of the field at about 35 out, surprised the keeper and the defence by making a looping shot that curved over the goalie and into the net. The keeper didn’t even try to reach it, believing it was going high, and suddenly, JDF was up 1-0. Athletics turned on the burners and responded with a nice volley goal on a cross just before the half ended, bringing it to 1-1. After a good half-time pep talk, we settled down and concentrated on stringing passes togeth

JDF-40 Finishes Saanich Intls 40, 6-4

JDF-40 Finishes Saanich Intls 40, 6-4 September 12, 2018, 7:30pm, JDF#2 Grass A strong win over Saanich Internationals 40 where we put on the cruise control, up 5-1 late into the game.  But Saanich gave a last ditch effort and clawed back to 6-4 before the whistle!  Goals from Gord (2), Adam, Zeb, Jorge, and Scot.

JDF-48 Blanks SFFC Power 7s, 8-0

JDF-48 Blanks SFFC Power 7s, 8-0 September 12, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf A nice start to the season this year, as JDF-48 managed to break the curse of losing its first game of the year before waking up.  And we did it in fine fashion with a shutout for George K (only one scare late in the second half on a ball that hit our post), and 8 goals for our side, which of course should have been 15 for all the opportunities we had.  Fine work from our defense which worked the ball around nicely in the back and kept us out of trouble.  As usual, when we make the short and easy pass on the ground, we always look way better, and in this match we managed quite a bit of good ball movement.  Goals in the first part of the game were distributed to various players, including Ric, Mirek, Joel, and Paulo with good passing and creativity.  The highlight would definitely go to Rob for his pfutzz indirect kick which received the loudest outburst from the bench of the whole game (did it go three feet?)

JDF-55 Settles for Tie Against Gordon Head-55, 1-1

JDF-55 Settles for Tie Against Gordon Head-55, 1-1 March 18, 2018, 12noon, Tyndall Turf Not a lot to report on this game in which we borrowed 4 or 5 players from other teams.  One of these guests scored for us in the first half.  They came back to tie in the second half after the ref granted a weak penalty.  The one memorable play came in the second half on a free kick that we took from outside of the 18.  It was dished up perfectly over the wall to Tommy who slammed a header into the ground and into the goal.  We were almost back to the kickoff spot in our celebration when the ref honoured the side-line ref's call of an offside.  Hardly!  But they took back the goal, and the rest of the match went scoreless. 

JDF-48 Caught with Pants Down for Tie Against Castaways-48, 2-2

JDF-48 Caught with Pants Down for Tie Against Castaways-48, 2-2 March 21, 2018, 7:30PM, Royal Bay Turf This was a tie that felt like a loss, after we played a strong first half with a very pretty goal that started with a long kick to the right corner that Rob chased down.  He fed the ball into the middle with a rocket cross that was more like a shot, but Ric hit the ball with a strong volley after one bounce and the goalie watched it slice by him into the right side of the net, making it 1-0. Cory and Stu had offered to play for the other team since they only had nine, and they started both of these guys up front.  Stu had one opportunity early in the half that scared all of us on the sideline as we watched what was almost a header into the goal.  After a bit, Cory was done helping their team, and Rob offered to go in for them.  He must have liked that they put him up front because even after their late-comers showed, Rob decided to stay on for their team.  This would come back to

JDF-40 Thumps Fernwood, 4-2

JDF-40 Thumps Fernwood, 4-2 March 24, 2018, 5 PM, UVIC Turf #3 All in all this was a very competitive match between two strong teams. JDF had more of an attacking presence, centrally and on the wings, with a solid defence and skilled midfield; while Fernwood showed their highest skill also in the midfield, but with only one relentlessly running attacker who showed some promise up front. 1st Half JDF Goal #1: Paulo off of a long JDF goal kick by Kevin Assisted by: Kevin? Kevin and Dave shored up the back line and made some decent overlapping runs when the space opened up. Shane “computer tech extraordinaire” was jockeying well for JDF in the right back position, but having exhausted himself in an earlier baseball game, frequently panicked and made erroneous passes directly to Fernwood’s midfield; so, he had to come off to get his mind back in the game. Later Shane , now playing as a striker, was in a great position to score but got caught just a foot

JDF-40 Makes A Spirited Comeback Over Bays United, 4-2

JDF-40 Makes A Spirited Comeback Over Bays United, 4-2 March 14, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf Dan’s Recap: Gord and Brazilian magic in the middle , Scott “I am not playing” had a great 90 min game :) Brandon “I did not touch him but almost broke his leg” had also a great game. But the best is Jorge “I didn’t play but forgot my bag” made the difference in our bench. Dave and Brendan were perfect in the back line too.  We all had a great game. Feels great to come back JDF style!!! Cunger’s Recap: Quick recap of last nights game against Bays At 7:28pm we only had 7 troops reluctantly strapping on the boots.   So Bays lent us 4 players to kick off. Seemed to b a cold windy boring game.We went down 2 nil right away. Then Sean shows up 25 min in. Then Gord show up 35 min in. Still down 2 nil at half. They asked me if we wanted 2 guys to make it 11 players. No was the answer as everyone looked at me in confusion. One of our players blurted out they ar

JDF-48 Holds On for Win Over Vic West-48, 4-2

JDF-48 Holds On for Win Over Vic West-48, 4-2 March 14, 2018, 8:15pm, Finlayson Turf On the big Finlayson field where the ball rolls faster than anywhere else, we buffered against an initial onslaught of attacks by the quick and skilled Vic West midfield for the first 5 minutes of our game.  With perhaps a bit too much confidence in the initial outlook, their stunned defense didn't quite anticipate the speed and scrappiness of Paulo and Ric who would combine for three quick goals in almost immediate succession. With a few of our regular guys injured, we had help from Kim and Tommy in the back, and we managed to keep them scoreless for the first 45, going 3-0 into the half.  We thought we were coasting to an easy shutout when early in the second half  Paulo chased down a mismanaged loose ball, and from about 40 yards out, blasted a nice arching shot over the goalie who had reluctantly come out of his area, undecided about what to do. But then the true highlights of the game w

JDF-55 Nails Coffin on Pen Masters-55, 3-1

JDF-55 Nails Coffin on Pen Masters-55, 3-1 March 11, 2018, 2pm, Blue Heron On a beautiful, sunny, and mild Sunday afternoon we faced a Pen Master team that was eager for a win over the JDF-55 squad.  We had a solid roster that showed, with Rick P back from injury and enough of the regular group to give us about 13 or 14 players.  The play was quite evenly matched for the first half.  They surprised us with an energizer bunny center midfielder who ran all over the field and created some danger against us.  But we persisted with our attack, and our first goal came about 30 minutes in when Dwight took a through-pass to the left corner, then worked it in and made a sharp ground-cross to Paulo in the goalie area.  Paulo slid his shot under the diving goalie and into the right corner of the net.  We would have gone into the half with a two-goal lead, but the ref said Joel's header off a corner kick didn't actually cross the goal line...everyone else knew it had, even the other te

JDF-48 Wears Down Vantreights-48, 4-0

JDF-48 Wears Down Vantreights-48, 4-0 March 7, 2018, 7:30pm, JDF #2 Grass We burst out of the gates early, ready to get on the board quickly against this Vantreights team.  When we had several near-goals in the first five minutes, we thought we'd have a blowout by the end of the first half.  But somehow, Vantreights managed to thwart our attempts again and again.  If it wasn't a great save by their goalie, Darcy, it was one of us missing a shot that should have been in.  It was probably a bit comical to watch us getting agitated that we couldn't score, and one of their defenders began to taunt and laugh at us in jest.  Fortunately, Cory gave a compelling speech at half, full of metaphor and nuance, which left us calmed and inspired.  Our defense was particularly moved, as they played with increased finesse, cutting off attacks and then moving forward by patiently switching the ball around to the other side.  Kudos to Stu, Dave L, Arv, Lyle, and Dave O who formed the &quo

JDF-55 Capitalizes Over Bays-55, 5-1

JDF-55s Capitalize Over Bays-55, 5-1 March 4, 2018, 4pm, Oak Bay Turf We had a solid crew out for our game against the Bays last Sunday afternoon with as many as four or five subs, though some of us were nursing minor injuries.  The game started well enough and within the first 10 or 15 minutes we were on the board with a header off a free kick that Dave O crossed in nicely to Joel from about 45 out.  This spurred the Bays to action and they retaliated quickly, managing to score with their most talented forward after he controlled a bouncing cross and walked it into the goal.  The game was well-fought, and both teams were moving the ball nicely, but neither managed to score again in the first half.  We came out ready to fight in the second, pressuring their defense and pushing forward when Joel blocked a defender's clear and  trapped the ball alone in front of the goalie...only to shank it wide left after swinging way too hard.  Not too long after, their goalie coughed up the b

JDF-48 Retaliates Over Gordon Head Gunners, 7-1

JDF-48 Retaliates Over Gordon Head Gunners, 7-1 February 28, 2018, 7:30PM, Royal Bay Turf Cory called it "one of our best games of the season", but was this because he was barely on the field due to his gimpy right knee?  Or was it because (even though he was barely on the field) he managed to score a beautiful goal?  Let's just say that Paulo, who usually shows his elegance through fancy dribbling, decided that if he is going to pass, he will also do so with elegance.  So our first two goals came from nifty heal passes by Paulo in the area.  The first came from a classic Ric crusher after a nice heal pass, and the second came from Cory.  This was a pretty one because Paulo embarrassed the two defenders who surrounded him on the ball, only to watch it heal-flicked back between them to Cory who was wide open just in front of the penalty spot.  Cory slammed it home with his left foot.  I can't really remember how the other three goals of the half were set up, but I

JDF-48 Pummels Saanich Fusion Power7s, 5-0

JDF-48 Pummels Saanich Fusion Power7s, 5-0 February 23, 2018, 8:00PM, Tyndall Turf It was the Olympics of "Shanks" for which the competition was fierce among our 48s on Friday night.  Coming in with the Gold Medal was Dwight Blame-The-Other-Guy Mueller who rocketed one over the fence and almost into the soccer park two fields over when he descended on a cross that looked like a perfect set up for a goal.  Joel had chased the ball to the corner and as Paulo flew into the area calling for the cross and drawing three defenders with him, the ball was angled behind him to an option of three separate JDF players who were wide open on the attack.  Dwight called for it and then let out his signature howl as the Gold Medal shank cleared the fence.  He was promptly issued a yellow card by the referee.  Coming in with Silver was Rob Blame-The-Turf-And-My-Shitty-Shoes Patten whose shank didn't quite clear the fence but was still considered a home run when he pummeled the ball on o

JDF-55 Hangs On for a Tie with Oak Bay Old Boys-55, 1-1

JDF-55 Hangs On for a Tie with Oak Bay Old Boys-55, 1-1 February 14, 2018, 7:30PM, Royal Bay Turf Maybe it was because we were all feeling slightly guilty for not being with our wives/partners/significant others on Valentines evening that we couldn't pull out a decisive win over the Oak Bay Old Boys.  The game was evenly matched and a good fight from the start.  OBOB did lend us a couple of their players, as we were short of men since a few of our guys did make "the right choice" for the evening.  I don't know what it says about our opponents that they had so many extras.  Nevertheless, we ended up playing a more defensive line up, with essentially 5 midfielders and one forward.  Oak Bay came out strong, managing the ball well in the middle with good speed and constant movement toward attacks.  Despite their creative and strong play, we consistently shut them down and created dangerous counterattacks.  This seems to be our strength when we have a few of the older 4

JDF-55 Scrapes By Over Lakehill-55, 2-1

JDF-55 Scrapes By Over Lakehill-55, 2-1 February 10, 2018 4:00PM Braefoot Turf Not a whole lot to report in this game, though it was a well-fought and evenly matched game throughout.  We could have gone ahead early with an easy tap-in from Mirek, who instead looked up to celebrate and forgot to tap it in.  He made it up later with nearly exactly the same play and no mistake on the second try.  After they tied us early in the second half, we scored on a PK that Tommy took after their goalie grabbed Paulo by the shirt and dragged him to a stop.  Player of the match definitely went to Kim, who played in net for the 55s and frustrated Lakehill's speedy attacks and shots by stopping attempts that everyone thought were going in.  The most intense point of the game came as Lakehill was pummeling us in a last ditch effort to tie the game and was granted a free kick just outside of the area.  The shot was well taken, low and around the right side of the wall, but Kim dove and punched th

JDF-48 Persists Over Cordova Bay-48, 3-2

JDF-48 Persists Over Cordova Bay-48, 3-2 February 7, 2018 7:30pm Royal Bay Turf Probably one of the best fought games of the season thus far, both teams came out with offensive fervor from the starting whistle.  Within the first minute, Cordova Bay nearly scored on a header from a corner kick that was flying toward the top right corner, when out of nowhere George K leaped and tipped the ball up against the cross bar.  With that scare, our team gained its consciousness and began to attack with crisp, short passes, moving the ball well up the field.  We thought we had our first goal when Paulo skirted the ball by the goalie, but then watched the ball roll up against the left post and then putter along the goal line only to be swiped up by the goalie.  Not long after, Mirek brought the ball into their 18 and gave a crisp pass to an open Joel who one-touched it into the right side of the goal for our 1st.  Having drawn first blood, we relaxed a bit too much perhaps, as we watched their

JDF-55 Coasts Over Athletics-55, 3-1

JDF-55 Coasts Over Athletics-55, 3-1 January 28, 2018 12:00PM Finlayson Park Our numbers were low, and we had to borrow a few players from the Athletics, who had several to spare.  They'll say it's because they gave us their best players, but JDF out-maneuvered the opponent the whole game, creating many dangerous counterattacks.  Mind you, our first goal was scored by one of the borrowed players who received the ball on a pass back from Paulo after he had worked it into the area.  He took a nice crack at it from the 18 and it went uncontested into the back of the net.  About 10 minutes later, Paulo received the ball at the top of the 18, and with various defenders in the area waiting to see which way he would dribble, Paulo took a well-placed and calm shot into the open right hand top of the goal.  Our third goal came from Mirek as he outran the defense and finished easily.  Athletics-55 managed to squeak in a goal in the second half, but mostly they were stopped short by o

JDF-48 Succumbs to Gorge-48, 2-3

JDF-48 Succumbs to Gorge 48, 2-3 January 24, 2018 7PM Hampton Park It was more a matter of being out-bullied than outplayed, and our 48s put in a good effort in a close match against Gorge on Wednesday night at Hampton.  We got on the board early with a 1-0 lead when their defense held the ball easily in their area and went to switch the ball to the opposite side of the field. Upon being challenged, the defender blasted the ball against Joel's extended foot who then found himself alone with the ball in front of an empty net to score our first.  We moved the ball around quite nicely and generated several dangerous plays as they attempted to gain their bearings, but we couldn't quite capitalize to extend our lead.  We were too busy trying to dodge and defend ourselves against a lunging and hacking defense, one of whom got carded and sent off for mowing down Cory.  In the offense, however, they organized and mounted some good attacks, scoring on a nice chip into the corner, br

JDF-55 Manhandles Oak Bay Old Boys, 3-0

JDF-55 Manhandles Oak Bay Old Boys, 3-0 January 21, 2018 12:00PM Henderson Park The 55s scraped together a team of 11 to play the whole Sunday game against the OBOB squad of 16 or 17 who kept a steady flow of substitutes in an attempt to wear us out.  Nevertheless, their only viable attempt at goal came within minutes of the start when Rob, in centre defense, watched an attempted trap roll under his foot right to their player, only to be wasted with a wide shot by the OBOB forward who ran in one-on-one against our goalie, Happy.  After that scare, we got serious and moved the ball around with good discipline, covered their dangerous centre midfielders smartly, and created dangerous plays steadily with our counterattack and speed up front, thanks to Mirek and Ralph.  Despite our good attacks, our first goal actually came after a bad clear on their defense that fell to Mirek's feet in the area, and he pushed the ball under the diving goalie.  The score could have been 4-0 by half

JDF-55 Trounces Class Act-55, 11-0

JDF-55 Trounces Class Act-55, 11-0 January 10, 2018 7:30 PM Royal Bay It is unusual for the goalie who gives us a shutout to also score two goals, but this is what Alan “Happy” Gilmore did on Wednesday night.   This is partly due to the fact that we were already so far ahead that we decided to give the goalie a chance in the second half to take a run in the field, and also partly due to the fact that Happy would not quit running to the goal, his asthmatic ice-scraping wheezing scaring the opponents into thinking Darth Vader was on the attack. Scoring opened with Mirek making fast runs and breakaways for several one-on-ones with the goalie.   Joel scored on a good pass from Mirek.   Then the defence decided they wanted in on the action, so Brian came up to score, and Jim took a beautiful free kick into the open left topside of the net.   In the end, it was 5-0 at half, and we didn’t stop, as already mentioned Happy wanted in on the action and scored two, Joel scored

JDF-48 Cruises over Sooke, 6-2

JDF-48 Cruises over Sooke, 6-2 January 17, 2018 8:00 PM Sooke Turf 1st Half On Sooke’s beautiful, large, new turf field with great lighting, JDF48s took it to the Sooke youngsters (several guys under 48?) with a 6-2 win.   We opened up the scoring with a nice slotted assist from Mirek to Joel who skirted around their goalie to tap it in.   Not too long after, Rob gave a nice lob pass down the line, and Joel ran it to the goal dishing off to Ric who finished easily.   Things began to get a little heated nearing the end of the half as Sooke turned up the pressure both in their attempted attacks and in their hacking.   The ref didn’t seem to see various fouls and players got slightly animated.   Fortunately our halftime pep talk did have a calming effect, and we went out with clearer heads into the second half.   2nd Half We picked up an early goal to make it 3-0 when Ric followed in nicely to finish off another dish-off pass.   Then we managed to score on ourselves o