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JDF-55 Coasts Over Athletics-55, 3-1

JDF-55 Coasts Over Athletics-55, 3-1 January 28, 2018 12:00PM Finlayson Park Our numbers were low, and we had to borrow a few players from the Athletics, who had several to spare.  They'll say it's because they gave us their best players, but JDF out-maneuvered the opponent the whole game, creating many dangerous counterattacks.  Mind you, our first goal was scored by one of the borrowed players who received the ball on a pass back from Paulo after he had worked it into the area.  He took a nice crack at it from the 18 and it went uncontested into the back of the net.  About 10 minutes later, Paulo received the ball at the top of the 18, and with various defenders in the area waiting to see which way he would dribble, Paulo took a well-placed and calm shot into the open right hand top of the goal.  Our third goal came from Mirek as he outran the defense and finished easily.  Athletics-55 managed to squeak in a goal in the second half, but mostly they were stopped short by o

JDF-48 Succumbs to Gorge-48, 2-3

JDF-48 Succumbs to Gorge 48, 2-3 January 24, 2018 7PM Hampton Park It was more a matter of being out-bullied than outplayed, and our 48s put in a good effort in a close match against Gorge on Wednesday night at Hampton.  We got on the board early with a 1-0 lead when their defense held the ball easily in their area and went to switch the ball to the opposite side of the field. Upon being challenged, the defender blasted the ball against Joel's extended foot who then found himself alone with the ball in front of an empty net to score our first.  We moved the ball around quite nicely and generated several dangerous plays as they attempted to gain their bearings, but we couldn't quite capitalize to extend our lead.  We were too busy trying to dodge and defend ourselves against a lunging and hacking defense, one of whom got carded and sent off for mowing down Cory.  In the offense, however, they organized and mounted some good attacks, scoring on a nice chip into the corner, br

JDF-55 Manhandles Oak Bay Old Boys, 3-0

JDF-55 Manhandles Oak Bay Old Boys, 3-0 January 21, 2018 12:00PM Henderson Park The 55s scraped together a team of 11 to play the whole Sunday game against the OBOB squad of 16 or 17 who kept a steady flow of substitutes in an attempt to wear us out.  Nevertheless, their only viable attempt at goal came within minutes of the start when Rob, in centre defense, watched an attempted trap roll under his foot right to their player, only to be wasted with a wide shot by the OBOB forward who ran in one-on-one against our goalie, Happy.  After that scare, we got serious and moved the ball around with good discipline, covered their dangerous centre midfielders smartly, and created dangerous plays steadily with our counterattack and speed up front, thanks to Mirek and Ralph.  Despite our good attacks, our first goal actually came after a bad clear on their defense that fell to Mirek's feet in the area, and he pushed the ball under the diving goalie.  The score could have been 4-0 by half

JDF-55 Trounces Class Act-55, 11-0

JDF-55 Trounces Class Act-55, 11-0 January 10, 2018 7:30 PM Royal Bay It is unusual for the goalie who gives us a shutout to also score two goals, but this is what Alan “Happy” Gilmore did on Wednesday night.   This is partly due to the fact that we were already so far ahead that we decided to give the goalie a chance in the second half to take a run in the field, and also partly due to the fact that Happy would not quit running to the goal, his asthmatic ice-scraping wheezing scaring the opponents into thinking Darth Vader was on the attack. Scoring opened with Mirek making fast runs and breakaways for several one-on-ones with the goalie.   Joel scored on a good pass from Mirek.   Then the defence decided they wanted in on the action, so Brian came up to score, and Jim took a beautiful free kick into the open left topside of the net.   In the end, it was 5-0 at half, and we didn’t stop, as already mentioned Happy wanted in on the action and scored two, Joel scored

JDF-48 Cruises over Sooke, 6-2

JDF-48 Cruises over Sooke, 6-2 January 17, 2018 8:00 PM Sooke Turf 1st Half On Sooke’s beautiful, large, new turf field with great lighting, JDF48s took it to the Sooke youngsters (several guys under 48?) with a 6-2 win.   We opened up the scoring with a nice slotted assist from Mirek to Joel who skirted around their goalie to tap it in.   Not too long after, Rob gave a nice lob pass down the line, and Joel ran it to the goal dishing off to Ric who finished easily.   Things began to get a little heated nearing the end of the half as Sooke turned up the pressure both in their attempted attacks and in their hacking.   The ref didn’t seem to see various fouls and players got slightly animated.   Fortunately our halftime pep talk did have a calming effect, and we went out with clearer heads into the second half.   2nd Half We picked up an early goal to make it 3-0 when Ric followed in nicely to finish off another dish-off pass.   Then we managed to score on ourselves o