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JDF-55 Trounces Class Act-55, 11-0

JDF-55 Trounces Class Act-55, 11-0

January 10, 2018 7:30 PM Royal Bay

It is unusual for the goalie who gives us a shutout to also score two goals, but this is what Alan “Happy” Gilmore did on Wednesday night.  This is partly due to the fact that we were already so far ahead that we decided to give the goalie a chance in the second half to take a run in the field, and also partly due to the fact that Happy would not quit running to the goal, his asthmatic ice-scraping wheezing scaring the opponents into thinking Darth Vader was on the attack.

Scoring opened with Mirek making fast runs and breakaways for several one-on-ones with the goalie.  Joel scored on a good pass from Mirek.  Then the defence decided they wanted in on the action, so Brian came up to score, and Jim took a beautiful free kick into the open left topside of the net.  In the end, it was 5-0 at half, and we didn’t stop, as already mentioned Happy wanted in on the action and scored two, Joel scored another, and Mirek two more.   The final tally had Mirek with a hat trick, and Jim, Joel, Brian, and Happy with two each.  An 11-0 rout, and lots of laughs had by all.