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JDF-40 Makes A Spirited Comeback Over Bays United, 4-2

JDF-40 Makes A Spirited Comeback Over Bays United, 4-2
March 14, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf

Dan’s Recap:

Gord and Brazilian magic in the middle , Scott “I am not playing” had a great 90 min game :)
Brandon “I did not touch him but almost broke his leg” had also a great game.
But the best is Jorge “I didn’t play but forgot my bag” made the difference in our bench.
Dave and Brendan were perfect in the back line too.  We all had a great game.
Feels great to come back JDF style!!!

Cunger’s Recap:

Quick recap of last nights game against Bays
At 7:28pm we only had 7 troops reluctantly strapping on the boots. 
So Bays lent us 4 players to kick off.
Seemed to b a cold windy boring game.We went down 2 nil right away.
Then Sean shows up 25 min in.
Then Gord show up 35 min in.
Still down 2 nil at half.
They asked me if we wanted 2 guys to make it 11 players.
No was the answer as everyone looked at me in confusion. One of our players blurted out they are a good team we should take the player.
I answered no thanks, again. I felt we needed some motivation to get a good run in. 
2nd half, We played with 10 players(3-4-2)against their 11 and 5 subs.
We score. We score again. (Brandon ran to the near post on Sean’s cross and redirected the ball off his right foot, sending it off the far post and trickling into the net) 
Then Brandon has to go off for his usual 10 min. He claims he didn't touch the guy as he walks off the field. Ha ha.
Battling with nine troops. We score again!!
Brandon gets back on after only 5 mins off.
Then 4-2 win final.
The Team played Great!!
Jorges coaching style was speechless...
Brendan and our oldest member Sean back to fine form. 
Gord (got ID’d) MVP.
The start of this battle was pretty deflating. Short players. No call ups. Players cancelling last minute. Windy. Cold...
At the end of the game, the honey brownz taste reminded me of why I play this game...thanks🍻