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JDF-40 Thumps Fernwood, 4-2

JDF-40 Thumps Fernwood, 4-2
March 24, 2018, 5 PM, UVIC Turf #3

All in all this was a very competitive match between two strong teams. JDF had more of an attacking presence, centrally and on the wings, with a solid defence and skilled midfield; while Fernwood showed their highest skill also in the midfield, but with only one relentlessly running attacker who showed some promise up front.

1st Half

JDF Goal #1: Paulo off of a long JDF goal kick by Kevin
Assisted by: Kevin?

Kevin and Dave shored up the back line and made some decent overlapping runs when the space opened up.

Shane “computer tech extraordinaire” was jockeying well for JDF in the right back position, but having exhausted himself in an earlier baseball game, frequently panicked and made erroneous passes directly to Fernwood’s midfield; so, he had to come off to get his mind back in the game.

Later Shane, now playing as a striker, was in a great position to score but got caught just a foot offside when Brandon passed him the ball in the box.

In other news, Fernwood hacked down Brandon on the wing, as per usual, gifting JDF some advantageous free kicks that allowed them full control of the ball for long stretches of play. 

JDF Goal #2: Kevin, who controlled a long cross from Brandon who was dribbling around Fernwood’s left back, in the right corner.
Assisted by: Brandon, but there may have been a deflected header from Gord?

Fernwood  Goal #1: Fernwood scored a brilliant goal from a skilled run and shot outside the box.

Seeong Brandon’s run from right wing to centre, either Sean or Kevin, out on left wing, dropped a beautiful ball into space and Brandon took tight control of it on the bounce, but it jammed up in his feet and so he missed a golden goal opportunity.

Rafa—when he was not being outright amazing—spent most of the game either asking about the next JDF match recap or diving.

2nd Half

JDF Goal #3: Brandon, who received a pass in the midfield moving right, and then cut left to dribble all the way into the box to finish with toe punt in the tight space between the keeper’s right leg and the near post. 
Assisted by: Gord?

Fernwood  Goal #2: Fernwood scored their second goal in easy fashion having caught JDF pushing forward with most of the defenders out of position—shame on the defence for letting F. Cove back into the game, especially with their chief playmaker Tony “The Tiger” coming on to lead their spirited press.

JDF Goal #4: Gord hammered one into the back of the net after a skilled give and go with Jorge, and a dribble into the box.
Assisted by: Jorge “the skill footed” warrior. 

Delge refereed this one fairly and without too many stoppages. 

— Brandon “The Leudker” Leudke