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JDF-48 Holds On for Win Over Vic West-48, 4-2

JDF-48 Holds On for Win Over Vic West-48, 4-2
March 14, 2018, 8:15pm, Finlayson Turf

On the big Finlayson field where the ball rolls faster than anywhere else, we buffered against an initial onslaught of attacks by the quick and skilled Vic West midfield for the first 5 minutes of our game.  With perhaps a bit too much confidence in the initial outlook, their stunned defense didn't quite anticipate the speed and scrappiness of Paulo and Ric who would combine for three quick goals in almost immediate succession.

With a few of our regular guys injured, we had help from Kim and Tommy in the back, and we managed to keep them scoreless for the first 45, going 3-0 into the half.  We thought we were coasting to an easy shutout when early in the second half  Paulo chased down a mismanaged loose ball, and from about 40 yards out, blasted a nice arching shot over the goalie who had reluctantly come out of his area, undecided about what to do.

But then the true highlights of the game were revealed.  The first came from Dave L, who -- upon attempting to wall off the attacking forward as George K yelled to leave it to him to clear -- managed to place himself squarely in front of George just as he blasted the ball, not out of the area but off of Dave's shin and into our goal.

Then, our undercover enforcer, Stu, blew his cover and clipped one of their forwards from behind who went down like a felled tree.  Stu got the first-of-his-life 10-minute timeout which sent him whimpering to the sideline to be comforted by the rest of us on the bench.  In this commotion, they managed to score a second on a shot that slid through our entire defense and under George's hands.  Fortunately, we had enough of a buffer with our four goals, and the game finished 4-2.

Solid play by all, and a beautiful springlike evening to be out under the stars!