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JDF-55 Capitalizes Over Bays-55, 5-1

JDF-55s Capitalize Over Bays-55, 5-1
March 4, 2018, 4pm, Oak Bay Turf

We had a solid crew out for our game against the Bays last Sunday afternoon with as many as four or five subs, though some of us were nursing minor injuries.  The game started well enough and within the first 10 or 15 minutes we were on the board with a header off a free kick that Dave O crossed in nicely to Joel from about 45 out.  This spurred the Bays to action and they retaliated quickly, managing to score with their most talented forward after he controlled a bouncing cross and walked it into the goal.  The game was well-fought, and both teams were moving the ball nicely, but neither managed to score again in the first half.  We came out ready to fight in the second, pressuring their defense and pushing forward when Joel blocked a defender's clear and  trapped the ball alone in front of the goalie...only to shank it wide left after swinging way too hard.  Not too long after, their goalie coughed up the ball on a diving catch and it squirted back to Joel who finished with an open net.  This upset one of their defenders who somehow thought the goalie had been fouled, and he remained angry enough to foul our player in the penalty area after Gus had pounded one off the cross bar.  This upset him further and he was issued a red card after snapping at the ref.  Even though their goalie, Phil, made a great save on the penalty, Oak Bay fell back on their heals for the rest of the game and JDF relentlessly attacked.  Paulo was rewarded with a goal after many good passes and movement from the mids, Cory, Gus, and Stuart, and he finished easily.  Mirek got in front of the goalie one-on-one after a pretty through-ball, and he did a very nice Ronaldo imitation with many crossover dribble feigns before slanting right and finishing for our fourth.  In the last minutes, Dave O came up from the defense to try to redeem himself from several games ago, this time blasting a curler with the outside of his foot that bent into the lower right corner of the goal.  A 5-1 finish and excellent play all around!