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JDF-48 Caught with Pants Down for Tie Against Castaways-48, 2-2

JDF-48 Caught with Pants Down for Tie Against Castaways-48, 2-2
March 21, 2018, 7:30PM, Royal Bay Turf

This was a tie that felt like a loss, after we played a strong first half with a very pretty goal that started with a long kick to the right corner that Rob chased down.  He fed the ball into the middle with a rocket cross that was more like a shot, but Ric hit the ball with a strong volley after one bounce and the goalie watched it slice by him into the right side of the net, making it 1-0.

Cory and Stu had offered to play for the other team since they only had nine, and they started both of these guys up front.  Stu had one opportunity early in the half that scared all of us on the sideline as we watched what was almost a header into the goal.  After a bit, Cory was done helping their team, and Rob offered to go in for them.  He must have liked that they put him up front because even after their late-comers showed, Rob decided to stay on for their team.  This would come back to haunt us.

Even though we went up, 2-0 with another one of Ric's slider shots through the defense and just inside the left post, we relaxed just a bit too much.  First, they capitalized after an attempted clear, bringing them to within one.  Then, late in the half, they got a free kick outside of the 18 on the left side, and while Kim was busy setting up the wall, Rob saw his opportunity and took the free kick.  Their team had not asked for 10, so Rob pulled the trigger and watched the ball bounce through diving Kim's hands, caught off guard on the play.

A 2-2 tie that felt like a loss and we all had to endure Rob's gloating at the pub after the game.