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JDF-48 Solid Against GH Gunners-48, 4-2

JDF-48 Solid Against GH Gunners-48, 4-2 September 21, 2018, 6:00PM, Tyndall Turf GH Gunners: 2, JDF-40: 4. Goals: 2 from Ric, 1 from Paulo, and 1 from Tom. Ric's first goal was a beautiful free kick into the lower left hand corner from about 22 yards out. Untouched and unstoppable. GH 0 JDF 1. Paulo then pounced on an error from their keeper and with ice-like coolness made the Gunners pay for their defensive error. GH 0 JDF 2. Just before half the Gunners got one back when our back four got defensive assignments wrong. GH 1 JDF 2. Ric's second goal was simply sublime. Sent in by Stuart and encouraged by Graham he let a shot fly from about 20 yards swooping in from the right side. The sound alone of the strike was enough to know that it was in the back of the onion bag. Again untouched and unstoppable. GH 1 JDF 3. On a free kick conceded by JDF, GH looped a pass in from the right side over the wall and their number 15 got his head onto it and it went across the

JDF-55 Cruises Over Bays-55, 5-2

JDF-55 Cruises Over Bays-55, 5-2 September 19, 2018, 7:30pm, JDF#2 A clean victory over Bays 55 with goals evenly distributed across the team.  Goals by Paulo M, Mirek D, Jim M, Cory M, and Ralph M.  If anyone has a description of the game, please connect with Joel so he can post more detail!

JDF-40 Succumbs to Athletics-40, 2-3

JDF-40 Succumbs to Athletics-40, 2-3 September 19, 2018, 7:30PM, Royal Bay Turf A cleanly fought match between the JDF 40s and Athletics, who brought out their “A" team to compete against what they knew would be a tough JDF side. Play was surprisingly even for the first third of the half, with good strings of passes by both sides, and the Athletics created some dangerous situations that failed only on the shot or the last pass. About two thirds into the half, JDF worked up the field, and Ryan L, with possession in the centre of the field at about 35 out, surprised the keeper and the defence by making a looping shot that curved over the goalie and into the net. The keeper didn’t even try to reach it, believing it was going high, and suddenly, JDF was up 1-0. Athletics turned on the burners and responded with a nice volley goal on a cross just before the half ended, bringing it to 1-1. After a good half-time pep talk, we settled down and concentrated on stringing passes togeth

JDF-40 Finishes Saanich Intls 40, 6-4

JDF-40 Finishes Saanich Intls 40, 6-4 September 12, 2018, 7:30pm, JDF#2 Grass A strong win over Saanich Internationals 40 where we put on the cruise control, up 5-1 late into the game.  But Saanich gave a last ditch effort and clawed back to 6-4 before the whistle!  Goals from Gord (2), Adam, Zeb, Jorge, and Scot.

JDF-48 Blanks SFFC Power 7s, 8-0

JDF-48 Blanks SFFC Power 7s, 8-0 September 12, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf A nice start to the season this year, as JDF-48 managed to break the curse of losing its first game of the year before waking up.  And we did it in fine fashion with a shutout for George K (only one scare late in the second half on a ball that hit our post), and 8 goals for our side, which of course should have been 15 for all the opportunities we had.  Fine work from our defense which worked the ball around nicely in the back and kept us out of trouble.  As usual, when we make the short and easy pass on the ground, we always look way better, and in this match we managed quite a bit of good ball movement.  Goals in the first part of the game were distributed to various players, including Ric, Mirek, Joel, and Paulo with good passing and creativity.  The highlight would definitely go to Rob for his pfutzz indirect kick which received the loudest outburst from the bench of the whole game (did it go three feet?)