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JDF-48 Prevails Against Duncan-48, 4-2

JDF-48 Prevails Against Duncan-48, 4-2
September 26, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf

Referee: Bubba
Goalscorers: Rick 3 goals. Dwight 1 goal. Rob 3 assists
Yellow Cards: Duncan 1

It was a beautiful night for footy with very mild conditions for a late September evening. Duncan travelled well and had a healthy number of available subs to bolster their eleven on the field.

The first third of the first half saw us dominate possession and it was only a matter of time before we were able to put up our first goal. Ric who is on absolute fire put a shot through after he was fed the ball from Rob. Our attacks from the side worked well. Spreading it either to the outside left or the right worked well instead of trying to push it up the middle. We moved the ball well and also had pressure on their defence.

The pressure saw us garner a second goal and Ric scored after an error by their keeper (eerily reminiscent of the mistake made by the GH keeper a week ago). At this point we were up 2-0 and quite comfortable.

At this point Duncan made some substitutions and the speed and touch they displayed was markedly better. We had difficult containing their runs especially as they exploited our sides and then put the ball back in the centre. They also started making crossing runs leaving our defence wondering what the hell was going on. They had good speed especially the player they called ‘Ali’. They clawed back and after they scored their first goal were even more confident. Just before the half we conceded our second and the halftime whistle was a welcome relief for our back four.

On the bench Cory got us refocused and reminded us that the score was even. Brian also got the fullbacks together and we shifted our line from a static line to a more fluid diamond stopper and sweeper configuration. The restart saw us slowly gain momentum little by little. Jason, Cory and Wally started controlling more of the play in the middle and we started frustrating their players. Rick scored his third to make it 3-2 for us. Then the play of game was orchestrated by Dwight. The ball came in from the right side across the flow of play where Dwight masterfully trapped the ball and shifted back with a beautiful turn to the right side beating the defender. Taking a sneak peak to see where the keeper was he struck the ball with his right foot and scored much to his relief.

The cushion of that goal was all we that we needed. We controlled the tempo from that point and they were fouling more and even received a yellow for a very ungentlemanly hard and unnecessary push in the back when I was shielding the ball for George to pick it up.

We distributed the ball well when ball was in play. We need to improve how we release ball from keeper upfield. We must start using the fullbacks or have halfbacks come further back. The kicking just gave the ball back to the opponent.

Handshakes were cordial after the final whistle and much regaling occurred at the pub after.