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JDF-40 Takes Revenge on Prospect Lake, 7-2

November 28, 2018 7:15 PM Royal Bay A relatively easy win against a Prospect Lake team that handed JDF their arses 6-1 Dave Cung in net for the first half, Rafael Cabrera in net for the second half. Poontra Isarasakdi : 2 goals, ___? assists. Brandon Leudke : 1 goal, 2 assists. Gord Johnson : 2 goals, at least 2 assists. Other goals by ___?. Strikers Adam Laughey and Scott Tayler, although goalless on the night, hustled hard and terrorized Prospect’s defence.   Shane Stewart was masterful on the left wing, passing better than ever, and showing good sense when, from an offside position, he chose to leave the ball for Scott to pounce on. Wally M was typical W.A.L.L.Y: Wild-eyed, Artful, Lily-white, Loquacious, Yabber-mouth — Brandon “ The Leudker”  Leudke

JDF-40 Rallies Yet Falls to Athletics, 4-3

November 21, 2018 8:15 PM Layritz Turf 1st Half JDF wend down 3-1 first half, despite some good passing for the first 10 minutes. Brandon —almost immediately upon his return appearance for JDF—was “professionally fouled” on a quick breakaway run to the net, whereafter the offending player was sent off for a little time out session by referee Sean . Seconds later, Dan flubbed his normally accurate free kick attempt on goal. Adam made the 1st goal something fierce, striking on the run off a pass by Carlo , placing the ball in the net.   2nd Half At halftime, Dave Cung made some controversial changes to the lineup, putting three strikers up front, including Brandon Leudke in a free roaming position, with Carlo Legg in the centre mid, making for a more lethal second half that saw JDF gain 2 goals to the Athletics 1 goal, and also making Cunger right…again! Poontra Isarasakdi was a small but mighty force of nature on the left wing, buffeting the Athletics’ right-b

JDF-40 Fights Back to Victory against Zgoda-40, 4-2

JDF-40 Fights Back to Victory against Zgoda-40, 4-2 November 14, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf It was a beautiful clear night at Royal Bay. Zgoda showed up to challenge the mighty JDF 40s with a squad that were more talented than normal, looking for their first win against the JDF dynasty in 37 years. With call ups like Wally, Ping, and Ken, it was not to be on this day despite their efforts. The game started with JDF ball movement and pressure. It took 25 minutes to pot the first goal. Poontra beat the wide defender and passed the ball off to Strickland at the top of the box for what was a soft-placed shot to the goalie's left corner while being screened by Carlo Legg. Controversy ensued after the goal with protests by Zgoda that Carlo was offside, however the ref was having none of it. It remained that way until the half thanks to Dave Cung, our goalie, for stopping breakaways and some very good saves by Zgoda’s goalie. The second half brought a goalie change for JDF. Cung

JDF-55 Drops to Gordon Head-55, 1-2

JDF-55 Drops to Gordon Head-55, 1-2 November 14, 2018, 7:30pm, JDF #2 Grass Our over-eager JDF-55 team brought out almost 20 guys to play against a Gordon Head team that was short of players. I hear that we lent them several players and then went on to lose for the first time this season! Despite the loss, Mirek kept his scoring streak alive to create the lone JDF goal, meaning he now has goals in 7 of the 8 games of the season, with 3 hat tricks and two games with 4 goals! Better luck next time, boys.

JDF-48 Crushes Centaurs-48, 8-1

JDF-48 Crushes Centaurs-48, 8-1 November 18, 2018, 4:00pm, Finlayson Turf Only for the first ten minutes did we look disorganized in this game. Under the late afternoon setting sun, it took a few minutes for our team to warm up and gain our bearings on the extra wide field that is Finlayson Turf. But once we settled in, the passing began to become more fluid and the goals began to drop. We scored three quick ones with Ric putting away two nicely placed shots and Dwight coming up strong for a header off a corner kick that bounced off the turf and then lobbed in over the defender and off the post for his second goal of the season. Dwight gets honourable mention for being the 5th leading scorer, a stat that he is keeping close tabs on. In the first half, Joel also finally scored a header goal with a nice cross by Dave O. 4-0 at the half. Second half went quite a while with no goals, but our fitness wore them down, and Paulo began his dancing around the defense and put in two ni

JDF-55 Varnishes Vantreights-55, 7-1

JDF-55 Varnishes Vantreights-55, 7-1 November 11, 2018, 12:00pm, Victor Brodeur Grass Our 55s are dazzling the field this year, going undefeated to this point. That said, 55s have not produced a shutout yet even though averaging more than 6 goals per game! Today, just to make things a little exciting, we let Vantreights score first. But we equalized about 15 minutes later when Hugh received a pass across the goalie area and calmly shot from the left side of the 18 to curl it into the side net. 1-1 at half. Then we received a Tommy pep talk and decided to come out in the second half with guns a-blazing. Our whole team picked up their game and we worked the ball around with crisp passes and great movement to open spaces. Paulo pocketed a hat trick in the span of about 10 minutes by dribbling nimbly around the defense and slotting shots into the gaps. Then, predictably, Mirek flared by the defender and scored to keep his streak alive. Their team counted too heavily on the thr

JDF-48 Succumbs to GH Gunners-48, 0-1

JDF-48 Succumbs to GH Gunners-48, 0-1 November 7, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf Both teams brought a solid line up of guys with plenty of extra subs, ready to compete, on this chilly Wednesday evening. I could write three pages of description of all the near misses we had in the first half, but I'll just mention that Joel hit the crossbar and shot wide from point blank range, and both Ric and Paulo flubbed one-on-ones against the goalie. The Gordon Head team brought out a fast team that tried to pressure, and in the first half had one shot from about 30 yards out by their lefty, Dmitri. It was a low shot that dipped and bounced just inside the right post, surprising George who thought it was going wide. Second half we came out ready to equalize, and we had attack after attack, but just could not get it to fall into the net. Joel hit the post a second time on a header, then dove for a low header ball in traffic just as a GH player kicked to clear the ball and smacked him in

JDF-40 Overpowers Ferncove-40, 4-3

JDF-40 Overpowers Ferncove-40, 4-3 November 7, 2018, 7:30pm, JDF #2 Grass In the 15th minute, JDF's Adam Laughey scored off the left side on a great cross run. In the 35th minute, a foul by JDF inside their own box led to a Fernwood penalty shot, which was converted. It only took 5 minutes for JDF to retake the lead when Kevin Smith unleashed a long range shot that fooled the goalkeeper to make it 2-1. In the 43rd minute, Poontra Isarasakdi hammered home a rebound to extend JDF's lead to 3-1. The 2nd half began much like the 1st half ended with JDF still having their foot on the gas pedal as Kevin Smith made a beautiful run down the left side in the 60th minute, and sent in a pin point pass across the goal mouth for an easy tap-in for Mike. However, 5 minutes later a JDF handball led to another converted Fernwood penalty shot goal. This seemed to spark Fernwood with some hope, as in the 75th minute they ripped down the left side and squeezed a shot through the legs of the

JDF-55 Coasts Over Class Act-55, 6-1

JDF-55 Coasts Over Class Act-55, 6-1 November 4, 2018, 10:00am No details to report, but apparently the play of the game was Howie's triple save as goalie, one with each hand and then his head. Mirek got a sizzling 4 goals, bringing his average to more than 2 goals per game. Hugh scored a goal, and Richard M scored as well. Great work, boys!