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JDF-40 Rallies Yet Falls to Athletics, 4-3

November 21, 2018
8:15 PM
Layritz Turf

1st Half
JDF wend down 3-1 first half, despite some good passing for the first 10 minutes.
Brandon—almost immediately upon his return appearance for JDF—was “professionally fouled” on a quick breakaway run to the net, whereafter the offending player was sent off for a little time out session by referee Sean. Seconds later, Dan flubbed his normally accurate free kick attempt on goal. Adam made the 1st goal something fierce, striking on the run off a pass by Carlo, placing the ball in the net. 

2nd Half
At halftime, Dave Cung made some controversial changes to the lineup, putting three strikers up front, including Brandon Leudke in a free roaming position, with Carlo Legg in the centre mid, making for a more lethal second half that saw JDF gain 2 goals to the Athletics 1 goal, and also making Cunger right…again! Poontra Isarasakdi was a small but mighty force of nature on the left wing, buffeting the Athletics’ right-back, with Ping/Thawatchai (Ta-wa-chi) buttressing the midfield. Scott score the 2nd goal, challenging the keeper and pounding a shot that trickled in off the keeper’s body. The Athletics took a wicked knuckleball free kick outside the box, looping straight over the single person wall (Brandon’s head) and down between the keeper’s fingers and the cross bar. Adam masterfully places the 3rd goal with a one touch beauty over the keeper. Dan M made well placed, perfectly weighted passes for 2 assists on the night. Wally M was riding the wave of the Athletics dissent, keeping the ball in close control at his feet. JDF was close to making a real comeback—and likely would have pulled it off with a few more minutes and perhaps Gord (absent) and Ryan (injured) back in the midfield—but eventually succumbed to the clock for a final score of 4-3.

— Brandon “The Leudker” Leudke