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JDF-48 Toys with Vic West, 13-3

JDF-48 Toys with Vic West, 13-3 December 5, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf Nice to be back on home turf after three Sundays away, and we were especially hungry for a win after two ties in a row in well-fought matches. To be fair, Vic West lost a core couple of players this year, and this showed especially in their defensive line and goalie play for this game where just about every shot we took went in. The scoring opened early and often, and by half we were up by 7-1. Cory notes that his two very nice goals in the half, each calmly placed where he actually intended, were scored "while it was still a game", thus adding credibility to the Dwight/Cory competition for 5th highest scorer on the team. Sorry guys, but so many people scored in this game that now practically our whole team (including three quarters of the defense) is in contention for that honour. To that point, at half time, rather than the usual directive to "slow the game down and work on our passing&q

JDF-40 Robbed by Steelheads-40, 2-4

JDF-40 Robbed by Steelheads-40, 2-4 December 5, 2018, 7:30pm, JDF#2 Grass Let's just say it wasn't our best. Cowichan did a team warm-up before the game -- they were out for redemption from being trounced 4-1 at their field earlier this season. Cowichan went up 1-0 fairly early on a miscue from our defender and our goalie. We tied it up 1-1 on a 40 yard floater cross into the box from George Godoy. Adam added a goal, however we were tied at the end of the first half. There was a lot of sourness in the second half to say the least. For the first time this year, we had challenges liking the ref who decided to allow a Cowichan player to run around head-hunting. We didn't take kindly to that. A 10 minute misconduct to Carlo and George didn't help the cause. Cowichan scored 2 in the second half. 2-4 final score.

JDF-48 Falls Even with Cordova Bay, 2-2

JDF-48 Falls Even with Cordova Bay, 2-2 December 2, 2018, 2:00pm, Lochside Grass On a chilly but sunny Sunday afternoon on the dewy Lochside grass, JDF-48 fought a tough match against a solid Cordova Bay team. The first half they were a menace to us mostly through Kim, who stepped in to give them 11 players, as he played in a forward position and distributed the ball well for them to create a few dangerous plays. But we would eventually strike first, and Ric chipped a looping and arching shot from the left top of the 18 over the head and hands of their foreboding goalie and into the far side of the goal. 1-0. The score remained as such until the half, and despite recouping Kim for our net and a good chat at the break, their team must have all drunk Red Bull because they came out on a charge and nice string of passes to score within 5 minutes of the start of the second half. 1-1. The game was well fought, and while we struggled to be patient and creative in our offensive attack

JDF-55 Blanks Isle Blue United-55, 6-0

JDF-55 Blanks Isle Blue United-55, 6-0 November 21, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf A game that Paulo reported as boring because, "we were told not to score in the second half!" This directive came from Tommy after going up 4-0 easily in the first half with goals by Cory, Eddie, Stu w, and Paulo. Nevertheless, apparently the boredom eventually got to them, because Tom went on to score in the second half, so Paulo also decided to also pocket a second! 6-0 finish. Nice work, boys!

JDF-48 Settles on Draw with Duncan-48, 2-2

JDF-48 Settles on Draw with Duncan-48, 2-2 November 25, 2018, 10:00am, Frances Kelsey After losing to JDF-48 earlier in the fall on our home turf, Duncan came out determined to make it even. This is a solid and talented team that has only lost one game (to us!) in their season, so they seemed confident with their lineup as the kickoff whistle blew. But, in the first 5 minutes of the game, we surprised and deflated them when Ralph gave a nice looping cross into the area that confused the goalie as it took its first bounce just inside the 18. The goalie came out to cut it off, but Paulo, who was charging to the ball, caught it on the upward bounce with his head and lobbed it neatly over the goalie's outstretched arms and into the net. 1-0 very early. Not two minutes later, Duncan was building an attack, when one of their midfielders swung in a wide shot that looked more like a cross, but it curled in enough to hit the post and in. 1-1. Then the scrapping began, back and f