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JDF-48 Toys with Vic West, 13-3

JDF-48 Toys with Vic West, 13-3
December 5, 2018, 7:30pm, Royal Bay Turf

Nice to be back on home turf after three Sundays away, and we were especially hungry for a win after two ties in a row in well-fought matches. To be fair, Vic West lost a core couple of players this year, and this showed especially in their defensive line and goalie play for this game where just about every shot we took went in. The scoring opened early and often, and by half we were up by 7-1. Cory notes that his two very nice goals in the half, each calmly placed where he actually intended, were scored "while it was still a game", thus adding credibility to the Dwight/Cory competition for 5th highest scorer on the team. Sorry guys, but so many people scored in this game that now practically our whole team (including three quarters of the defense) is in contention for that honour. To that point, at half time, rather than the usual directive to "slow the game down and work on our passing", we decided instead to put all our defenders up front and bring all the forwards back to defense. This resulted in two quick goals by the opposition, as they dribbled past the three-ring circus that was the defensive effort of Joel, Paulo, and Ric. At 7-3, we wondered whether we had made a mistake. But, hey, it was the last game before Christmas, so we decided only to reinforce the defense with the help of Tommy, and that's who and all we needed to put a plug in the defensive sieve. Then the defense-turned-offense decided to really turn on the heat, starting with a nice head goal by Brian, then Arv had a beauty breakthrough and shot passed Kim (who had come to the rescue of their goalie), and then another by Brian. Eventually Paulo and Joel got themselves off of the back line and at least up to midfield, which turned into a few more goals. Dave O. had many charges with the ball against only one defender, but somehow couldn't get the ball into the back of the net for himself. It didn't stop him from distributing many nice assists, and the best of all came with a nice chip cross from the corner to a diving header by none other than Dave L to cap our win at 13-3! Great play, boys!


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