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JDF-48 Hold on for Tie against Prospect Lake-40, 3-3

JDF-48 Hold on for Tie against Prospect Lake-40, 3-3
September 11, 2019, 7:30pm, JDF #2

A strong start to our 2019/20 season as we came out against a brand new Prospect Lake-40 team that consisted of players on average of 8-10 years our junior. The Lakers opened the scoring in the first half after what seemed like a clear handball by the offense, but the ref didn't see it so. We had various opportunities in the first half with some fresh speed offered by Styler and Sean C, but we couldn't convert. In the second half, we tied the game after a nice cross by Rob P was bobbled by their defender and landed in front of Steve W who easily toed it into the net to tie. They went up again by one after a mishit in our defense gave them an easy one-on-one against George K. But we answered not too much later with another pretty cross by Rob that floated in over their goalie to a waiting Steve W on the far post who controlled it nicely in the air and into the back of the net. 2-2. We then battled to the 83rd minute until their goalie made a terrible clear on a goal kick and hit it directly to Joel who dribbled in and then dished it off to Styler for a goal. Down 2-3 with only 7 minutes of play on the clock, the Lakers turned the burners on high and attacked relentlessly, finally converting with a shot popped in from the 18 that floated over George's hands. We finished with a respectable 3-3 tie against a team that was younger and faster. Kudos for holding our ground, excellent keeping by George, refusing to panic, and moving the ball well in our midfield and attacks.


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