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Tournament Rules of Play


A player qualifies for the age minimum if by December 31, 2019, the player meets the division age requirement.

Men's Over 35s:  All players (including goalkeeper) must have birth year of 1984 or earlier.

Men's Over 48s:  1 outfielder birth year of 1972; remaining outfielders: 1971 or earlier; and goalkeeper: 1974

Men's Over 60s:  1 outfielder birth year of 1960-61; remaining outfielders: 1959 or earlier; and goalkeeper: 1964

Men's Over 70s:  3 outfielders birth year of 1950-51; remaining outfielders: 1949 or earlier; and goalkeeper: 1954.

A team manager can question the age of an opposing team player but must do so by making a request to the referee at the beginning of the game, at half time, or immediately following the game.  All players must have ID accessible to confirm with the referee if a request is made.  The referee's judgment will be final.  All players are required to wear wristbands that correspond to their division and are issued at the beginning of the tournament after ID check.

Any team that fields a team with underage players will forfeit the game at a 3-0 loss.  The JDF Disciplinary Committee will decide if any further sanctions will be given.



This is an 11 vs 11 tournament for all divisions.

Over 70s division may have a max of 25 players on their team roster.

All other divisions may have a max of 22 players on their team roster.


4 games per team guaranteed.  Game duration is 60 minutes, including Finals (two 30-minute halves).  Half-time will last 5 minutes.  Round Robin games may end in a tie.  Playoff games will be decided by a penalty shootout if tied at the end of regulation.


Win:  6 points

Tie:  4 points

Shutout:  1 point for a shutout win

Goals:  1 point for every goal up to 3 goals

Red Card: 1 point loss for each red card

Forfeit:  10 points for a no-show forfeit.  Marked as a 0-3 loss for the forfeiting team.

Division winner is decided by "Total Points", then "Record Against Each Other", then "Goal Difference",

then "Total Goals Scored", then "Penalty Shootout"


Referees are encouraged to use a ten (10) minute cooling off period whenever possible.  Three yellow cards may earn a one-game suspension, at the discretion of the JDF Disciplinary Committee.  A red card will earn the present game ejection and an additional game suspension depending on the circumstance and at the discretion of the JDF Disciplinary Committee.

Playing Rules

FIFA rules are applicable with some modifications.  Referees will review the following exceptions at the beginning of each game with team captains:

Women's 30 Inaugural and Men's Over 35s:  Slidetackling Allowed

All other divisions:  NO Slidetackling Allowed

Unlimited substitutions will be allowed.

Care will be given to protect the goalie.  The goalie will be favoured in a one-on-one charge to the ball.


Please do not consume alcohol outside of the designated licensed area!

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