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Tournament Registration Rules

Team Registration

Tournament Fees consist of a $100 reservation deposit plus an additional registration fee as described below:

  • The Team Manager registers their team with a $100 reservation deposit, non-refundable after June 30.

  • An early-bird men’s registration fee of $350 is offered for a total tournament fee of $450, if paid before midnight PST, June 30, 2019.

  • After June 30, the men’s registration fee increases to $400 for a total tournament fee of $500.

  • Registration deadline is midnight PST, July 31, 2019 at which time all fees are due.

  • If the full registration fee is not paid by July 31, the team forfeits their spot to a wait-listed team if a wait list exists for their division.

  • A player roster of up to 22 players (25 for over 70s) must be built for each team, but the roster can be modified up until the first game kick-off.  Same-day player additions to the roster will incur a $5 charge/player.  See player registration below.

  • International teams that require a tourist visa for entering Canada will not be registered until we verify that visas have been obtained.

Division Full - Team Wait Lists

  • Even if a division is full, we strongly recommend that teams register themselves on the wait list for their division.  No reservation deposit is required to place a team on the wait list.  Divisions will not be finalized until after our registration deadline of July 31.

  • Wait-listed teams will be cued in the order that we receive their online wait list application.

  • If a wait-listed team is invited to participate, their $100 reservation deposit (if before July 31), or the full tournament fee (if after July 31) must be paid within 24 hours of being invoiced.  If payment is not received within 24 hours, the next wait-listed team will be invited.

Partial Teams and Free Agent Players

  • If you have a group of 4 or more who are interested in creating a team, register your interest as a Partial Team using the Team Registration Form.  We will try to help you build your team with players from our Free Agent pool.

  • We will NOT reserve a spot nor invoice you for your partial team UNTIL you build enough players on your roster to take the step to pay the reservation deposit ($100) and tournament fees ($450 or $500).  On that note, please let us know of your interest even if you are tentative, as we can only help build your team if we are aware.  Do not rely only upon our Free Agent pool to fill your team, and please continue to update us if you find additional players to add to your roster.

  • Free Agent players:  we will not invoice you for the $50 Free Agent Fee until we link you to a team.  If we end up  linking you to a partial team as one of the first 12 players on the roster, our tournament will not charge you the $50 free agent fee.  Instead, you will pay your portion of the Team Registration Fee to your team manager which you must arrange directly with the team manager.

  • If you are a Free Agent player and we link you to a team with a roster of 12 or more, the Free Agent fee of $50 will apply.


If Your Team Needs to Cancel

  • If a registered team cancels before midnight PST June 30, they will receive a 100% refund of any portion of the registration fee paid to date as well as their $100 reservation deposit.

  • If a registered team cancels between July 1 and midnight PST July 31, they will receive a 50% refund of any portion of their registration fee paid to date, but the reservation deposit of $100 will be forfeited. 

  • After July 31, no refunds will be issued.


If We Need to Cancel a Division

  • If by June 30, 2019 less than 4 teams are registered in any given division, the JDF CUP committee will determine whether to cancel the division and will inform any registered teams of the decision.  If the division is cancelled, registered teams in that division will receive a full refund of their $100 reservation deposit and any portion of their registration fee paid to date.

Player Registration

  • Once a team is registered ($100 deposit received from the team manager), players must individually register using our online Player Registration Form to add themselves to their team roster.  Up to 22 players may be placed on the team roster (25 for 70s).

  • JDF CUP admin does not collect money from individual players for the tournament, unless he/she is a free agent player.  Players are responsible to their team manager for covering their portion of the team entry fee.

  • Player Registration is open at up to the day before the tournament (August 30, 10pm PST) at no additional cost.

  • Players may register on-site on Saturday, but same-day registrants must pay an additional $5 charge/player.  Same-day player registration is closed after the team’s first game kickoff on Saturday.

  • Players may register for only one roster per division.  Players may register for multiple divisions and must complete a player registration form for each. 

  • For team managers that request extra players, we will link free-agent players to the team roster and inform the team manager and free-agent player of the link.

  • The team manager can modify the Team Roster up until the team’s first game.  Once the first game is played, the roster cannot be changed.

  • If a player is not on the Team Roster, he/she may not play for that team.

  • SPECIAL EXCEPTIONS:  The point of this tournament is to have fun, so some special exceptions can be made if both teams are in agreement.  To make a past-due change to the team roster, the requesting team manager must obtain permission from the opposing team manager and inform the referee of the agreement.  The referee makes the final call as to the legitimacy of the agreement.  This exception exists for teams that may have injured players and require help from willing players that are not initially on their roster.  Players must be registered players, even for these exceptions, and all other player registration rules apply.

  • The JDF CUP committee reserves the right to make additional exceptions for any unforeseen circumstances.



Team Manager Meeting

  • Team Managers must attend a 15-minute Team Managers Meeting before kickoff of their first game. Team Manager meeting times will be announced upon finalization of our tournament schedule.

Player Check-IN

  • All players must check-in at the registration kiosk upon arriving to the tournament venue.

  • Players must present a valid government-issued picture ID that displays date-of-birth

  • Players will receive a wristband for the division(s) in which they are registered that must be worn throughout the tournament.

Player Registration
Partial Teams and Free Agents
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